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DLP® Technology will STEER your Spectroscopy solution

Single, programmable spectral engine

  • Detection of a broad range of materials
  • Program "scanned lines", "matched filtering", or "coded filtering“ to optimize spectral data

TI DLP chips offer programmable wavelength filtering

  • constant SNR scans
  • on-the-fly wavelength and resolution adjustment
  • chemometric algorithms

Eliminate fragile and expensive components

  • Design compact, robust systems for portable applications
  • Programmable, independent digital micromirrors replace moving gradients or fixed array detectors

Evaluation Modules accelerate integration of DLP chips into customers’ unique spectrometer designs

  • DLP NIRscan evaluates DLP4500NIR for near-infrared spectrometer design solutions
  • Optically analyze liquids and solids
  • Acquire data in <1 sec with >30,000:1 signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • Single element detector design displaces InGaAs arrays to deliver high light throughput at a more affordable price point

Repeatable spectral data over time and temperature

  • Offers precise measurements independent of environmental conditions


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Accelerate development time with the NIR spectrometer reference design based on DLP technology.    Download design files

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