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Standard Logic ICs including Switches, Translation, I²C, Interface, Little Logic, Gates, Inverters, Flip-Flops, and FIFOs

Texas Instruments (TI) delivers the industry’s broadest portfolio of logic products, including buffers, drivers, gates flip-flops, switches, I2C, and voltage translation. TI Standard Logic solutions provide increased application flexibility, higher performance and design longevity.

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As the world leader in logic, Texas Instruments (TI) offers a full spectrum of logic functions and technologies including BiCMOS, Bipolar, and the latest advanced CMOS families. TI offers the most advanced logic technology while still maintaining support for traditional logic products.

Families Description
1.8-Volt Logic
AUC Advanced LV CMOS (highest speed ) (tpd <=3.4ns )                
AUP Advanced LP CMOS (Lowest power) (Icc <= 0.9uA )                    
AUP1T Advanced LP CMOS translators (Icc<=0.9uA)                        
3.3-Volt Logic
ALVC Advanced LV technology (1.65-3.6V Vcc)                    
AVC Advanced very low voltage technology                        
LV-A LV HCMOS (high noise immunity)          
LV-AT Low voltage HCMOS (TTL inputs)                      
LV1T Up/down voltage translators with gate function                          
LVC LV CMOS (high drive) (IOH/IOL= -24/24mA )            
ALB Advanced low-voltage BiCMOS                            
ALVT Advanced LV BiCMOS ( High Speed)                          
LVT Low voltage BiCMOS                          
CB3Q High-Bandwidth bus switch                          
CB3T Low voltage translator bus switch                            
CBTLV 3.3V / 2.5V Standard bus switch                        
GTL Gunning transceiver logic                              
GTLP Performance gunning transceiver logic                              
TS Analog bus switches                          
TVC Transistor voltage clamp                            
VME VME-compatible device (low voltage)                              
5-Volt Logic
AC Advanced CMOS                
ACT Advanced CMOS with TTL inputs            
AHC Advanced HCMOS              
AHCT Advanced HCMOS with TTL inputs                
FCT Fast CMOS technology                
HC HCMOS        
HCT HCMOS technology with TTL inputs        
LV1T Up/down voltage translators                          
ABT Advanced BiCMOS technology                      
ABTE Incident-wave bus switching transceiver                            
BCT BiCMOS technology                      
ALS Advanced low power schottky              
AS Advanced schottky              
F Fast BiCMOS              
LS Low power schottky          
S Schottky          
TTL Transistor-Transistor logic                
CBT 5V Standard bus switch                      
CBT-C 5V Standard bus switch with undershoot protection                          
FB Future bus technology                              
TS Analog bus switches                          
10-Volt Logic
CD4000 High voltage CMOS (3-18V Vcc)