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Battery Charger Solutions Overview

Accurate, dependable battery charging circuits are needed to ensure the performance and reliability of any rechargeable battery-operated product. TI’s switch-mode chargers provide high efficiency and advanced features for faster, cooler charging of high capacity batteries in smartphones, communication equipment, and computing applications. Our linear chargers and nanopower battery management units allow simple, cost-effective, and compact solutions for low power applications like handheld, wearable, or IOT devices, as well as automotive e-call systems. Wireless chargers allow for the design of sealed, waterproof designs for industrial, medical, and consumer devices. TI is the industry leader in battery charging solutions to support a wide range of applications and power levels.

Switch-mode Charger

Fast Charger

  • 1S fully integrated fast chargers up to 5A with the highest efficiency and the lowest temperature in the industry
  • Various technology to speed up the charging including MaxChargeTM Technology, Input current optimizer; Charging time optimizer, IR compensation
  • For high-end smart phone, tablet, portable speakers, power bank

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Low Power Charger

  • 1S integrated chargers with up to 2.5A charging current
  • Single or dual inputs; QFN or WCSP package; Power path or non-power path
  • For middle-end and cost-effective smartphone, tablet, portable audio, gaming console, toys and portable industrial equipment

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Multicell Charger

  • 1S-4S SMbus charger controller
  • Different charging architecture including NVDC, traditional with and without turbo boost
  • For notebook, ultra-book and medical equipment

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Standalone Charger (RC- Settable)

  • 1S-6S standalone charger in both controller or integrated solutions
  • Cover different battery chemistry including Li-ion, Li-polymer, LiPO4, NiMH, NiCd, Lead-acid
  • For ePOS, drones, robots, security system, portable personal and industrial equipment

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Linear Charger

High Power Linear Charging

  • One or two cell charging applications needing simple and low cost chargers
  • 500mA and higher capability
  • Power path options available

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Wearable Friendly

  • <2W small battery chargers featuring low leakage current, small size, and high current/voltage accuracy
  • Power path options available

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Wireless Charger

Wireless Power Receivers

  • Small size, high efficiency wireless power receivers compliant to Qi standard
  • Low power (5W) and medium power (10W) solutions available
  • Direct Charge options can charge batteries directly without additional charger
  • Including multi-mode receivers that are compliant to both WPC and PMA standards

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Wireless Power Transmitters

  • 5V, 12V, 19V input wireless power transmitters supporting WPC A1, A5, A6, A10, A11, A29 transmitter types
  • Low power (5W) and medium power (10W) solutions available
  • Small coil size solutions optimized for wearable applications

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Battery Management Unit

Nano Battery Management Unit

  • For space constrained applications with a re-chargeable batteries
  • Provides power delivery for microcontroller and radios with integrated DC/DC converter
  • Contains integrated protection, linear charger, and battery monitor
  • Adjustable charging current up to 300 mA
  • Power path management enables <50 nA ship mode battery quiescent current for longest shelf life, and 700 nA (typical) Iq with buck converter enabled

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