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Overview for Energy Harvesting & Solar Charging

Industry’s most efficient nano power harvesting solutions

Energy harvesting with breakthrough TI technology allows the development of systems that extract and manage nano power from a variety of sources such as solar, thermal electric, electromagnetic, and vibration energy. From solar-powered sensors for wireless monitoring of factories or farms to using body heat to power sensors on medical and fitness equipment, TI and leading energy harvesting partners are creating a complete ecosystem for designers to envision and create a battery-less world. View all of TI's solutions for Energy Harvesting end equipment at

From low power to no power, TI delivers the most efficient energy harvesters:

  • Low quiescent currents (350 na typical)
  • >90% conversion efficiency even at currents as low as 15 µA
  • User-programmable devices with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for optimized extraction
  • Cold start capability for very low input conditions

Device Description Sample Datasheet EVM
bq25505 Ultra-low power boost converter with battery management and autonomous power path multi-plexing
bq25570 Ultra-low power boost converter with battery management and buck output regulation
bq25504 Ultra-low power boost converter with battery management
TPS62737 Ultra-low Iq nano-buck regulator optimized for 200 mA output current
TPS62736 Ultra-low Iq nano-buck regulator optimized for 50 mA output current
TPS62740 Low power buck converter optimized for 300 mA output current

Energy Harvesting System

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) applications

  • Air pollution
  • Forest fire detection
  • Home and building automation
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Landslide detection
  • Machine health monitoring (machinery condition-based systems)
  • Area and Structural monitoring (movement within buildings and infrastructure, monitor assets, retrieve daily data)
  • Agriculture (gravity feed systems, water tank levels, pump levels)
  • Waste/water monitoring
  • Greenhouse monitoring


  • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
  • Consumer electronics
  • Computer peripherals
  • Industrial monitoring systems
  • Medical devices