WiLink 8 solutions

High-performance Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth® / Bluetooth low energy combo connectivity devices

High performance

High throughput and advanced features such as range extension and multi-channel, multi role.

  • Increased range (MRC) and throughput (MIMO) of 100 Mbps on dual-antenna devices (WL18x5MOD/ WL18x7MOD)
  • Multi-role capability for STA, AP and P2P modes
  • 5 GHz diversity for increased performance (WL18x7MOD)
  • Enhanced range and sensitivity for dual-mode Bluetooth
Certified and easy-to-use

Faster time to market without the need for in-house RF expertise.

  • Certified modules speed time to market
  • Integrated RF and power management reduces the need for wireless expertise
  • Established third party ecosystem facilitates development on multiple platforms and unique use cases
  • Easy integration on mainline Linux® kernel for development with nearly any processor
Integrated and scalable

Single-chip combo connectivity devices with pin-to-pin compatible modules.

  • Single module with pin-to-pin compatible variants
  • Supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands (WL18x7 MOD)
  • Decade of expertise in Bluetooth®, Bluetooth low energy and Wi-Fi® coexistence
  • Industrial temperature support from -40 to 85C (WL18x7MOD)
  • Available in consumer, industrial and automotive grade varieties
Low power

Optimized for always-connected profiles and built for battery critical applications using low power modes.

  • Enhanced low-power (ELP) mode while connected
    • ~750uA in station mode
    • ~20mA in soft AP mode
  • Wake on wireless LAN enables the system to go into a low-power state while the wireless IC remains active (for both AP and STATION modes)
  • Ability to go into a low power state in soft AP mode

Featured WiLink™ 8 solutions

  Wi-Fi® Wi-Fi + Bluetooth® + Bluetooth low energy
Single antenna
Dual-antenna (MIMO, MRC)
Dual-antenna (MIMO, MRC) + Dual-band (2.4GHz + 5GHz)

NOTE: All WL18xxMODs are certified and pin-to-pin compatible

What's new in WiLink™ 8 solutions

Wilink mesh networking

WiLink™ 8 Wi-Fi® mesh networking solution

802.11s Wi-Fi mesh topology enables extended coverage without the need for additional equipment or wiring- a superior solution for audio, industrial and building automation markets. The Wi-Fi mesh solution easily adds connectivity to new or formerly out-of-range devices. Our self-healing network and optimized path selection algorithm provides robust network reliability. The mesh solution open source package is compatible with all WiLink 8 modules and free to download.

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TI Designs

WiLink™ 8 mesh audio demo kit

TI supports a wide range of new connectivity use cases with Wi-Fi mesh networking capabilities. The audio demo kit uses the 802.11s Wi-Fi mesh topology to demonstrate a multi-room audio solution- eliminating the need for an access point to connect each speaker by connecting with one another. The audio is synchronized to less then 20us to provide a seamless listening experience. The design uses a single Bluetooth a2dp audio input stream as it’s source, which gets simultaneously played to all connected speaker.

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Design and development

Reference designs

TI Designs, featuring WiLink™ 8 solutions, are comprehensive reference designs including schematics, BOMs, design files and test reports created by experts with deep system and product knowledge.

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TI reference designs

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Solve design challenges with a comprehensive library of datasheets, application notes, user guides and more.

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Explore the comprehensive, easy-to-use platform, software and development tools to streamline your design.

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Get answers to your design and application questions through the TI E2E™ community forums, trainings and wikis.

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