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This application report presents a solution to control a half-bridge LLC resonant DC/DC converter with synchronous rectification system using TMS320F2802x microcontrollers. The Piccolo;trade; TMS320F2802x series of devices are part of the family of C2000;trade; microcontrollers that enable cost-effective design of power supply systems. With these devices, it is possible to control power stages in an efficient and accurate way. In addition to this, the speed of the C2000 microcontroller allows it to integrate many supplemental tasks that would, in a normal system, increase chip count and complexity. These tasks could include synchronous rectification, system management, and various communication protocols.

This document covers how to run and get familiar with the high-voltage half-bridge LLC resonant DC/DC converter with synchronous rectification kit's HVLLC project. For an in-depth discussion of LLC resonant DC/DC converters and their design considerations, along with a design process example, see the SEM1900 Topic 3, Designing an LLC Resonant Half-Bridge Power Converter by Texas Instruments. The details of the discussion found in the SEM1900 Topic 3 will not be repeated in this document.