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9000 Series

Stellaris® 9000 Series of ARM® Cortex™-M3-based MCUs

Texas Instruments’ LM3S9000 Series features an on-chip combination of 10/100 Ethernet MAC/PHY, USB On-The-Go/Host/Device, and Controller Area Network (CAN). In addition to several product enhancements, the LM3S9000 Series adds new features, such as a versatile External Peripheral Interface (EPI) with modes to support SDRAM, SRAM/Flash, Host-Bus, and M2M, an Integrated Interchip Sound (I2S) interface, simultaneous dual ADC capability, a second watchdog timer with independent clock (for applications supported by the StellarisWare® Library), and a 16-MHz software-trimmed 1% Precision Oscillator. In addition, every LM3S9000 Series MCU is offered with several StellarisWare® software features preprogrammed in memory-saving ROM.

Stellaris® 9000 Series Block Diagram

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