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1000 Series

Stellaris® 1000 Series of ARM® Cortex™-M3-based MCUs

The Stellaris® LM3S1000 Series features new combinations of expanded general-purpose I/O, larger on-chip memory, and low-power optimization for battery-backed applications. Each Stellaris LM3S1000 Series microcontroller features a battery-backed hibernation module that includes a real-time clock, a generous 256 bytes of non-volatile battery-backed memory, low-battery detection, signaling, and interrupt detection, and a hibernate mode that can wake on a real-time clock match, external pin interrupt, or low-battery event. With a hibernate mode including real-time clock consuming approximately 16 uA standby current, a standard CR2032 watch battery can support a Stellaris system in hibernate mode for over 3 years. In addition, several LM3S1000 Series MCUs are offered with StellarisWare® software features preprogrammed in memory-saving ROM.

Stellaris® 1000 Series Block Diagram

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