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March 2012  |

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Texas Instruments

Product Announcements
Wolverine: The world's lowest power MCU platform

TI announces the Wolverine Microcontroller platform, the next evolution in MSP430™ MCU DNA that combines FRAM, the world's lowest power non-volatile memory with an ultra-low leakage process technology, advanced power management, and high performance analog. This platform will cut all MCU power consumption in half with 100µA/MHz active current consumption, 75µA 12-bit ADC, and 360 nA standby mode with a real-time clock and brown-out protection.

Going smaller? Develop smarter! MSP430 MCU's first 8-pin Value Line series

Used in a wide range of everyday products, from toothbrushes, hair dryers and rice cookers to industrial and medical products, the MSP430G2230 MCU merges all the advantages of the successful 16-bit MCU architecture and the flexibility of FLASH programming into an 8-pin SOIC package. They provide the MSP430 MCUs ultra-low power smart peripheral's management not previously available due to cost and board space limitations. The series comes with an easy-to-configure software suite to help developers get started quickly along with a dedicated 8-pin target board.

Make your next solar design easier

TI's new C2000™ MCU solar development kits: high-voltage Solar Developer's Kit (TMDSHVMPPTKIT) and the accompanying Concerto or Piccolo inverter board (TMDSHV1PHINVKIT) , as well as the low-voltage Solar Explorer Kit are available in two versions — a Piccolo MCU-based version (TMDSSOLARPEXPKIT) and a Concerto MCU-based version (TMDSSOLARCEXPKIT).

Checkout the new MSP430™ MCU brochure

Learn more about TI's 16-bit, RISC-based, mixed-signal processors designed specifically for ultra-low power. MSP430™ MCUs have the right mix of intelligent peripherals, ease-of-use, low cost and lowest power consumption for thousands of applications — including yours.

Hercules™ RM48x and TMS570LS31x/21x safety manual

This safety manual provides information needed by system developers to assist in the creation of a safety critical system using a Hercules RM48x or a TMS570LS31x/21x microcontroller.

"Make the Switch to TI MCUs" February winner announced

Learn why Mark Felskowski switched to TI's MSP430™ MCUs. Tell us your story on how you made the switch to a Texas Instruments microcontroller for a chance to win a prize. First, join or sign in to TI's E2E community here. Then tell your own success story by starting a new post in this forum. And if you haven't switched yet, click here to learn quickly how to make the switch today!

Make your MSP430 wireless with the RF BoosterPack
MSP430 Wolverine Overview
Wolverine Tech Platform — Part 1
Wolverine Tech Platform — Part 2
ULP Advisor Code Analysis Tool

Tool and Software Updates
ULP Advisor™ Code Analyzing Tool - BETA now available

ULP (Ultra-Low Power) Advisor is a brand new tool for guiding developers to write more efficient code to fully utilize the unique ultra-low power features of MSP430 microcontrollers. ULP Advisor checks your code against a thorough ULP checklist to squeeze every last nano amp out of your application. At build time, ULP Advisor will provide notifications and remarks to highlight areas of your code that can be further optimized for lower power.

Stellaris® MCUs now support ARM®'s latest Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard

Developers can now migrate existing CMSIS-based software to any Stellaris microcontroller. In addition to TI's StellarisWare® software suite, ARM's CMSIS DSP library helps developers simplify the implementation of floating point and single instruction multiple data (SIMD) across the entire family of Stellaris LM4F MCUs.

Third Party and Hobbyists
Hercules™ TMS570LS20x based "Mighty Hercules" development board from Olimex

The Olimex Mighty Hercules board features a built-in JTAG emulator/debugger and a dual CAN interface. It is available now for only EUR 24.95 as a special introductory price.

Upcoming Events and Training
Hercules™ MCU Three Day Hands- On Workshops

The TI Hercules Three Day Hands-On Workshop provides an overview of the applicable standards and directives for safety critical applications. In addition, attendees see how the ARM® Cortex™-R4F based family of safety microcontrollers can easily be used in the implementation of safety critical industrial, medical or transportation systems. This seminar will be offered at various locations in Europe and North America in the upcoming months.

Attending ESC: Design West this year?

If so, you can't miss the TI Microcontroller "Tool Swap" - sponsored by DigiKey! Bring in a competitor's microcontroller hardware tool and exchange it for your choice of select TI MCU tools including MSP430™ FRAM Experimenter Board, C2000™ Piccolo™ F28069 controlSTICK, Stellaris® EVALBOT, or the Hercules™ RM48x USB Stick. Stop by TI Booth #1320 to swap your tool*, check out the latest TI products and chat with TI experts! Learn more at
*While supplies last, one swap per customer

ARM® Cortex™-M4F MCU Workshop

Learn how to accelerate your designs by using advanced peripherals of the Stellaris® MCUs, accessing the complete software library provided by StellarisWare® software, and harnessing the performance of the ARM Cortex-M4F CPU core. Register today!

Missed the live C2000™ MCU and Avnet Efficiency in Digital Power Systems webinar?

Not a problem — you can watch the archived version whenever you want. Watch it now!

MCU Training

Check out the latest in-person and onlineMCU training

TI MCUs in the News
Bye-bye batteries? TI says new Wolverine chip can cut power needs – Bloomberg
TI sees its chips paving way for new health products – Reuters
Texas Instruments moves us closer to a battery-free world – Dallas Morning News
FRAM helps TI cut power for Wolverine MSP430 platform – EE Times

FRAM microcontroller targets low power applications – Electronic Design

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Implementing cost effective PLC in smart energy applications – Metering International

Smart Grid Technologies: Tamper control – Embedded News

Piccolo development kit targets LED lighting and communications – EDN

Texas Instruments unveils new solar kits – 4G Wireless Evolution

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