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MSP430™Ultra-Low-Power MCUs, C2000™ MCUs, and Stellaris ARM® Cortex™-M3 MCUs Subscribe
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Product announcements
$4.30 MSP430 LaunchPad Kit for Value Line devices

Introducing the industry’s lowest cost microcontroller development kit enabling on-board prototyping, debugging and programming. Easily launch designs and do more for less, with the Value Line series of MSP430™ microcontrollers that deliver 16-bit performance and ultra-low power at 8-bit price.

New C2000™ F2833x Teaching ROM now available

The new C2000 F2833x Teaching ROM is a comprehensive guide designed to teach new users everything about C2000 and the F2833x devices. Structured like an undergraduate-level course, the teaching ROM is designed for self-study and guidance.

New literature, app notes, guides
Featured application report: Choosing an ultra-low-power MCU

This application report describes how to compare ultra-low-power MCUs. It discusses the key differences between popular low-power MCUs and how to interpret features and specifications and apply them to application requirements.

Updated C2000 brochure now available for download

With 32-bit architecture, advanced peripherals, analog integration, and package sizes from 32 to 256 pins, the C2000™ MCU family enables real-time control in a variety of applications.

Product bulletin: CC430 family

Learn how the CC430 family combines the ultra-low-power MSP430™ microcontroller with TI’s low-power RF technology bringing personal and industrial wireless networking to the mass market.

Product bulletin: Value Line

Starting at 25 cents (in 100K volumes), TI’s new 16-bit MSP430G2xx Value Series gives 8-bit developers up to 10X performance and 10X battery life.

White paper: LaunchPad Development Kit

As applications continue to advance, 8-bit microcontrollers are struggling to meet the growing demand for higher performance and ultra-low power to support evolving product designs. The new, affordable 16-bit MSP430™ MCU Value Line meets the changing market dynamics and requirements faced by typical low-cost 8-bit MCU developers.

Product bulletin: Microcontrollers for advanced lighting solutions

Learn how MCU lighting solutions provide designers efficient, flexible and scalable intelligent lighting management and control.

White paper: Design considerations when selecting an ARM®-based processor

The design environment for industrial control and similar applications is evolving for the better. More vendors are offering processors based on ARM®’s field-proven embedded processors cores and there is a robust ARM software development ecosystem to support the migration to 32-bit ARM architectures.

Power management solutions for Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™-M3 MCUs

Depending on system constraints such as battery operation, cost sensitivity or need for highest efficiency, TI offers optimized products to power Stellaris MCU-based systems.

Featured white paper: The ultra-low-power USB revolution

The ubiquity of USB makes it an extremely attractive interface for applications requiring connectivity to a PC or other host device for configuration, periodic downloading of data, or firmware updates. TI’s MSP430F55xx microcontroller family with embedded full-speed USB provides leading ultra-low power consumption combined with high-performance analog and other smart integrated peripherals.

$4.30 MSP430 LaunchPad Kit for Value Line Devices
Getting Started with the High Voltage Motor Control + PFC
Digital Power Overview
C2000 Teaching ROM
High-Voltage PFC Kit Overview
Piccolo Control Law Accelerator Debug in CCSv4

MathWorks adds Piccolo™ MCU support

Engineers using TI’s Piccolo real-time control MCUs can now adopt model-based design to support the full development chain – from algorithm development to production code generation. Adding support for the low-cost, high-performance Piccolo MCU family, the Target Support Package product from MathWorks now offers rapid turnkey implementation, early verification and shorter time-to-market for digital motor control, digital power, lighting, renewable energy and other applications requiring real-time control.

SchmartBoard releases development board for TI microcontrollers

SchmartBoard, a company that makes prototyping electronic circuits easier, has announced a single development board supporting TI’s broad microcontroller portfolio, including ultra-low-power MSP430™, ARM® Cortex™-M3-based Stellaris® and real-time control C2000™ MCU platforms.

SchmartBoard’s one single development board supports all 64-pin QFP packages in TI’s C2000 and MSP430 MCU platforms and all 48-pin QFP packages in TI’s Stellaris MCU platform (92 Devices!). This is possible because SchmartBoards’ “ez” technology makes it easy and flawless to hand solder SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components. The user can simply hand solder the supported MCU of choice to the board and then immediately begin programming.

Check out their new design contest and board for only $15 the first month.

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MCU Community
Hot Topics
Piccolo BLDC with Hall Effect Discussion
Aligning Encoders and Rotor Flux
ADC access for Piccolo CLA
FOC rotor position start-up
Motor Control Braking

Tool of the month
eZ430-RF2500 – Wireless Development Tool in a USB stick

The eZ430-RF2500 is a complete wireless development tool featuring the MSP430F2274 and CC2500 2.4GHz radio. This kit includes all the hardware and software required to develop a complete wireless project in a convenient USB stick for just $49.

TI MCUs in the news
TI joins HomeGrid Forum board of directors to seek smart grid standardization – EE Times
LED Drivers Get Smart – Design News
TI’s 16-bit open source LaunchPad dev board: $4.30 for the 430 family – EDN
TI makes a big bid for the hobby market – Hack A Day
MathWorks adds model-based design for TI’s C2000 Piccolo microcontrollers – EDN

Tool and software updates
Delfino™ Floating-Point F2833x and C2834x added to controlSUITE™ platform

In July, device support for the Floating Point Delfino family was added to controlSUITE, the new C2000™ MCU content and content management tool. Support includes the system and peripheral header files, floating point libraries, FastRTS, and CCSv4 examples.

Delfino™ Floating-Point High Voltage PFC and Motor Control Kit

The High Voltage PFC and Motor Control Kit TMDSHVMTRPFCKIT now includes a Floating Point Delfino F28335 controlCARD as well as the Fixed Point Piccolo™ F28035 controlCARD. Sensorless Field Oriented Control projects for both AC Induction and PMSM – which also include the recommended method of writing a floating point system that can be easily re-targeted to a fixed point system using Floating Point and IQMath – are available through

Delfino™ Floating-Point Motor Control Library

In July, both drivers and math blocks were added or updated to the Digital Motor Control Library to support floating point or IQMath (virtual floating point) based systems. The new motor control application libraries are available through

LED control goes digital!

New Piccolo™ MCU DC/DC LED Developer’s Kit helps you design intelligence into cost-efficient lighting applications. The new C2000™ MCU DC/DC LED developer’s kit includes the complete hardware and software needed to digitally control up to eight LED strings plus digital power supply with a single Piccolo MCU.

Piccolo™ High Voltage PFC Development Kit

New TMDSHVPFCKIT offers complete hardware and software for two phase interleaved power factor correction and jumpstarts development in less than 10 minutes. The single F28027 Piccolo MCU with integrated high-performance analog, PWMs and other control-oriented peripherals reduces system cost. Programmability provides flexibility to adjust control parameters to ensure optimum operation across a load range Isolated JTAG for real-time debug provides safety against high voltage.

New controlSUITE digital power libraries

Free, open source and modular digital power libraries allow developers to change control techniques in software, eliminating need to modify or redesign topology hardware. More than 25 digital power software blocks optimized for both the Piccolo C28x core and control law accelerator (CLA) to maximize performance, leaving headroom for additional control functions. Intuitive installation with automatic upgrade option via controlSUITE™ software and improved software and supporting documentation interface via new controlSUITE Desktop, GUI powered by third party Crosshairs Embedded.

Upcoming events and training
Register now for MSP430 Day!

Embedded design engineers are introduced to the many possibilities of designing with the world’s lowest power microcontroller. The MSP430™ MCU platform of ultra-low-power microcontrollers are 16-bit RISC mixed-signal processors that provide the ultimate solution for battery-powered applications. Learn how to simultaneously interface to analog signals, sensors and digital components while maintaining unmatched ultra-low power. Register now!

Avnet On-Ramp Technical Sessions™ for TI control and drive solutions

On-Ramp Technical Sessions feature live presentations and demonstrations centered on solutions given by Avnet subject matter experts at the customer’s location. The topics covered in this session are motor types, control techniques, 32-bit MCUs for motor control, power stage and interface and reference designs and development tools. Schedule a session today!

New digital power training

FREE on-line self paced Introduction to Digital Power workshop designed for analog or hardware engineers looking to move to programmable digital control. Use F2808 controlCARD based 2-ch DC-DC Kit.

Multi-day Hands on Workshop designed for analog power and embedded systems engineers with all levels of programming experience. Workshop covers introductory theory, MCU overview, step-by-step design of digital power supply control loops and digital slope compensation. Extensive design labs, including implementation of multiple voltage mode digital controllers and advanced digital peak current mode control.

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