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Quad 741 Op Amp

Quad 741 Op Amp - LM148QML


The LM148 is a true quad LM741. It consists of four independent, high gain, internally compensated, low power operational amplifiers which have been designed to provide functional characteristics identical to those of the familiar LM741 operational amplifier. In addition the total supply current for all four amplifiers is comparable to the supply current of a single LM741 type op amp. Other features include input offset currents and input bias current which are much less than those of a standard LM741. Also, excellent isolation between amplifiers has been achieved by independently biasing each amplifier and using layout techniques which minimize thermal coupling.

The LM148 can be used anywhere multiple LM741 or LM1558 type amplifiers are being used and in applications where amplifier matching or high packing density is required.


  • 741 Op Amp Operating Characteristics
  • Class AB Output Stage—No Crossover Distortion
  • Pin Compatible with the LM124
  • Overload Protection for Inputs and Outputs
  • Low Supply Current Drain: 0.6 mA/Amplifier
  • Low Input Offset Voltage: 1 mV
  • Low Input Offset Current: 4 nA
  • Low Input Bias Current 30 nA
  • High Degree of Isolation between Amplifiers: 120 dB
  • Gain Bandwidth Product (Unity Gain): 1.0 MHz

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