The right precision op amp for your design

Our broad, innovative portfolio has been setting the standard for nearly 50 years

Low offset (≤500µV)

Improve DC accuracy with low offset and high-precision performance

Low noise (≤10nV/rtHz)

Achieve lower distortion and higher performance with ultra-low noise amplifiers

Low power (≤500µA)

Reduce system power without compromising performance

Wide bandwidth (≥5MHz)

Process and acquire faster signals with high AC performance

Small footprint (≤9mm2)

Shrink your design with space-saving IC and package options

Cost optimized

Attain an excellent price-to-performance ratio for cost-conscious systems

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Featured precision op amp resources

Online classroom for analog engineers with more than 40 hands-on trainings and lab videos

Complete board-and system-level reference design circuits to help you quickly evaluate and customize your precision system

E-book that puts commonly used analog formulas at your fingertips (registration required)

Companion devices

Pinpoint accuracy with up to 32-bit resolution

Precision digital-to-analog conversion in 8- to 18-bit resolution

Shunt & series references for any application