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80V GaN Half Bridge Power Stage



The LMG5200 device, an 80-V, 10-A driver plus GaN half-bridge power stage, provides an integrated power stage solution using enhancement-mode Gallium Nitride (GaN) FETs. The device consists of two 80-V GaN FETs driven by one high-frequency GaN FET driver in a half-bridge configuration.

GaN FETs provide significant advantages for power conversion as they have near zero reverse recovery and very small input capacitance CISS. All the devices are mounted on a completely bond-wire free package platform with minimized package parasitic elements. The LMG5200 device is available in a 6 mm × 8 mm × 2 mm lead-free package and can be easily mounted on PCBs.

The TTL logic compatible inputs can withstand input voltages up to 12 V regardless of the VCC voltage. The proprietary bootstrap voltage clamping technique ensures the gate voltages of the enhancement mode GaN FETs are within a safe operating range.

The device extends advantages of discrete GaN FETs by offering a more user-friendly interface. It is an ideal solution for applications requiring high-frequency, high-efficiency operation in a small form factor. When used with the TPS53632G controller, the LMG5200 enables direct conversion from 48-V to point-of-load voltages (0.5-1.5 V).


  • Integrated 15-mΩ GaN FETs and Driver
  • 80-V Continuous, 100-V Pulsed Voltage Rating
  • Package Optimized for Easy PCB Layout, Eliminating Need for Underfill, Creepage, and Clearance Requirements
  • Very Low Common Source Inductance to Ensure High Slew Rate Switching Without Causing Excessive Ringing in Hard-Switched Topologies
  • Ideal for Isolated and Non-Isolated Applications
  • Gate Driver Capable of Up to 10 MHz Switching
  • Internal Bootstrap Supply Voltage Clamping to Prevent GaN FET Overdrive
  • Supply Rail Undervoltage Lockout Protection
  • Excellent Propagation Delay (29.5 ns Typical) and Matching (2 ns Typical)
  • Low Power Consumption

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LMG3411R070 Order now 70     600     12     4.83 | 1ku     32VQFN: 64 mm2: 8 x 8 (VQFN | 32)     Catalog    
LMG3411R150 Order now 150     600     6     3.28 | 1ku     32VQFN: 64 mm2: 8 x 8 (VQFN | 32)     Catalog