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General Purpose, Low Power CMOS Amplifier


Special note

See the pin-to-pin TLV9001 op amp to attain rail-to-rail capability with improved Iq and noise performance for cost-sensitive applications.


The LMV60x devices are single, dual, and quad low-voltage, low-power operational amplifiers. They are designed specifically for low-voltage, general-purpose applications. Other important product characteristics are low input bias current, rail-to-rail output, and wide temperature range. The LMV60x have 29-nV voltage noise at 10 KHz, 1-MHz GBW, 1-V/µs slew rate, 0.25-mV Vos. The LMV60x operates from a single supply voltage as low as 2.7 V, while drawing 100-µA (typical) quiescent current. In shutdown mode, the current can be reduced to 45 pA.

The industrial-plus temperature range of –40°C to 125°C allows the LMV60x to accommodate a broad range of extended environment applications.

The LMV601 offers a shutdown pin that can be used to disable the device. Once in shutdown mode, the supply current is reduced to 45 pA (typical).

The LMV601 is offered in the tiny 6-pin SC70 package, the LMV602 in space-saving 8-pin VSSOP and SOIC, and the LMV604 in 14-pin TSSOP and SOIC. These small package amplifiers offer an ideal solution for applications requiring minimum PCB footprint. Applications with area constrained printed-circuit board requirements include portable and battery-operated electronics.


  • Typical 2.7-V Supply Values; Unless Otherwise Noted
  • Ensured 2.7-V and 5-V Specifications
  • Supply Current (Per Amplifier): 100 µA
  • Gain Bandwidth Product: 1 MHz
  • Shutdown Current (LMV601): 45 pA
  • Turnon Time from Shutdown (LMV601): 5 µs
  • Input Bias Current: 20 fA

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