ToF-based long-range proximity and distance sensor analog front end (AFE)

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* Datasheet OPT3101 ToF-Based Long-Range Proximity and Distance Sensor AFE datasheet (Rev. A) Jun. 26, 2018
Technical articles How to choose the right proximity sensor for your design needs Oct. 31, 2019
Software OPT3101 Configurator Tool v0.9.1 (Rev. A) Oct. 08, 2019
Software OPT3101 SDK v0.9.1 (Rev. A) Oct. 08, 2019
User guides Introduction to Time-of-Flight Long Range Proximity and Distance Sensor System (Rev. B) Aug. 12, 2019
Application notes How to select the right proximity sensor technology Jul. 19, 2019
User guides How to set up and calibrate OPT3101 based systems for proximity sensing Feb. 27, 2019
Application notes Accurate distance measurements with a highly integrated ToF position sensor Feb. 26, 2019
Application notes Accurate Measurements with OPT3101 Oct. 04, 2018
Application notes Extending the Range of OPT3101 Systems Oct. 04, 2018
Software OPT3101 System Estimator Software Jul. 06, 2018
User guides OPT3101 System Estimator Jun. 29, 2018
User guides OPT3101 Evaluation Module User's Guide (Rev. A) Jun. 26, 2018
Application notes OPT3101 in Precise Distance Measurement and Ranging Applications Jun. 21, 2018
Software OPT3101EVM GUI v0.83 (Rev. B) May 16, 2018
Application notes 单点ToF AFE OPT3101的HDR功能及应用 Apr. 08, 2018
User guides OPT3101 Distance Sensor System Calibration Feb. 23, 2018