Second Generation System-on-Chip Solution for 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 / RF4CE / ZigBee - CC2530


Second Generation System-on-Chip Solution for 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 / RF4CE / ZigBee

Featured Applications with CC2530

Single Board Computer for HMI and POS SBD Thumbnail
Single Board Computer for HMI and POS
  STB/DVR/Streaming Media SBD Thumbnail
STB/DVR/Streaming Media
  Smart E-Meter: AMR/AMI SBD Thumbnail
Smart E-Meter: AMR/AMI
  • This solution can be used to design equipment that can function as one of three industrial applications namely Single Board computer, Human Machine Interface panel (also known as Operator Interface Panel) or Point of Service kiosks.
  • The fundamental requirement of each of these applications is a powerful processor core capable of superior video processing/graphic performance, providing a wide variety of highly integrated peripheral options.
  • This application is a complete Digital Set-Top-Box (STB) solution that can be easily used to create standalone Streaming Media products or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) systems.
  • It can also be used as a sub-system to add streaming media capability to various consumer products and by adding a Hard Disk Drive (HDD), this platform can be used as Personal Video Recorder (PVR).
  • AMI systems measure, collect and analyze energy usage, from advanced devices such as electricity meters, gas meters, and/or water meters, through various communication media.
  • Power line communications (PLC) and radio frequency (RF) interfaces for automated meter reading (AMR) that allow customers to design "smart metering" solutions.

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AES 128bit hardware encryption
Antenna Connection
Data Rate (Max) (kbps)
Device Type
Frequency (Max)
Frequency (Max) (MHz)
Frequency (Min)
Frequency (Min) (MHz)
Frequency Range
Operating Voltage (Max) (V)
Operating Voltage (Min) (V)
Sensitivity (Best) (dBm)
Standby Current (uA)
TX Power (dBm)
CC2530 CC2531 CC2533
Differential     Differential     Differential    
250     250     250    
Wireless MCU     Wireless MCU     Wireless MCU    
2507MHz     2507MHz     2507MHz    
2507     2507     2507    
2394MHz     2394MHz     2394MHz    
2394     2394     2394    
2.4GHz     2.4GHz     2.4GHz    
3.6     3.6     3.6    
2     2     2    
-97     -97     -97    
0.4     1     0.4    
4.5     4.5     4.5    

Companion parts

Part # Name Product Family Comments
CC2592   2.4 GHz Range Extender   SimpleLink Solutions - Range Extenders     A cost-effective and high-performance range extender for low-power and low-voltage 2.4-GHz wireless applications that increases the link budget and output power while keeping a low-noise figure for improved receiver sensitivity.
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