Analog Output Temperature Sensor, Military Grade, in Hermetic and TO-92 - LM335


Analog Output Temperature Sensor, Military Grade, in Hermetic and TO-92

Recommended alternative parts

  • LMT84  -  Higher max accuracy, lower minimum supply voltage, and negative sensor gain or coefficient


The LM135 series are precision, easily-calibrated, integrated circuit temperature sensors. Operating as a 2-terminal zener, the LM135 has a breakdown voltage directly proportional to absolute temperature at 10 mV/°K. With less than 1-Ω dynamic impedance, the device operates over a current range of 400 µA to 5 mA with virtually no change in performance. When calibrated at 25°C, the LM135 has typically less than 1°C error over a 100°C temperature range. Unlike other sensors, the LM135 has a linear output.

Applications for the LM135 include almost any type of temperature sensing over a –55°C to 150°C temperature range. The low impedance and linear output make interfacing to readout or control circuitry are especially easy.

The LM135 operates over a –55°C to 150°C temperature range while the LM235 operates over a –40°C to 125°C temperature range. The LM335 operates from –40°C to 100°C. The LMx35 devices are available packaged in hermetic TO transistor packages while the LM335 is also available in plastic


  • Directly Calibrated to the Kelvin Temperature
  • 1°C Initial Accuracy Available
  • Operates from 400 µA to 5 mA
  • Less than 1-Ω Dynamic Impedance
  • Easily Calibrated
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • 200°C Overrange
  • Low Cost

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Parametrics Compare all products in Analog Output

Local Sensor Accuracy (Max) (+/- C)
Sensor Gain (mV/Deg C)
Output Impedance (Ohm)
Supply Voltage (Min) (V)
Supply Voltage (Max) (V)
Supply Current (Max) (uA)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
LM335 LM135 LM135A LM235 LM35
6     3     1     3     0.5    
10     10     10     10     10    
0.6     0.5     0.5     0.5     0.4    
5     5     5     5     4    
400     400     400     400     114    
Analog Output     Analog Output     Analog Output     Analog Output     Analog Output    
Military     Military     Military     Military     Military    
-40 to 100     -55 to 150     -55 to 150     -40 to 125     -40 to 110
-55 to 150
0 to 100
0 to 70    
3TO     3TO     3TO     3TO

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