TI embedded processors accelerate your vision!

Starting with Texas Instruments’ (TI’s) first programmable digital signal processors (DSPs) in the 1980s, TI has continued to support the signal processing revolution, adding imaging, video and vision processing capabilities to thousands of applications – literally allowing customers to take computing from large rooms to pockets. With expert integration experience, TI provides market-leading applications processors and system-on-chip solutions that fuel the optimal balance of programmability, performance and power for mobile devices and industrial systems. Together with TI analog components, TI processors help our customers realize success in the embedded vision market for applications such as automotive vision systems, video analytics cameras, digital signage cameras, smart camera phones, robotics and more.

We see where you want to go!

As technology becomes more advanced, embedded vision is emerging as a vital application in today’s world and changing the consumer interaction experience. TI has a long history providing vision technology to the market, and we’re committed to furthering the advancement of this technology. Inventions once only imagined will materialize in everyday products.

As part of our commitment to the future of embedded vision technology, TI has joined the Embedded Vision Alliance (EVA). Founded in 2011 and led by BDTI, EVA represents an industry collaboration to enable rapid growth of computer vision features in embedded systems. It is a membership-based entity dedicated to inspiring and empowering embedded system designers to use vision technology. A key means of achieving this is providing system design engineers with the practical know-how that they will need in order to effectively incorporate embedded vision technology in their designs.


Embedded Products

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Analog Products

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Touch Solutions
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Sensing Solutions
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