AMPA 2021

Welcome to our online AMPA experience. Be sure to visit our virtual booth at AMPA.

Watch online demos in the sections below on vehicle electrification, driver assist and body electronics and lighting technologies that are driving automotive innovation forward. Also be sure to review the automotive webinars we will be holding May 5-6 and register for sessions.

Live automotive webinars, May 5-6

Join us to learn about the latest automotive technology trends in 2021. This event includes 8 different live sessions in ADAS, IoV and vehicle electrification areas. Register today to join us for practical design knowledge for your autcomotive systems.

Session title
ADAS Near field sensing using AWR1843AOP
ADAS TI mmWave radar for automotive front long range and incabin applications
ADAS Designing deep learning solutions for advanced driving assistance systems
ADAS Automotive power switches
Connected car Automotive gateways with the DRA821 automotive processor
Connected car Automotive wired connectivity - FPD-LINK, CAN, LIN
Vehicle electrification Automotive wireless battery management system solution
Vehicle electrification Automotive buck boost solutions

Vehicle electrification

The move toward electric and hybrid-electric vehicles is changing everything in the vehicle - starting with the powertrain. Watch the demos below to learn more about our technology for wireless battery management systems (BMS) and integrated powertrains and how we can work together to create a more sustainable future.


Improve battery management systems with wireless

Using a wireless network to send battery cell information to BMS MCUs resolves challenges associated with wired communications. Learn how to improve BMS with the industry's best network availability.

Integrated powertrain

There are a variety of architectures and topologies used in electric vehicle powertrain subsystems. Read how you can achieve high efficiency and enable integration in EV powertrain subsystems.

Driver assistance

Advanced sensing and processing technologies enable advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), in-cabin sensing and advance cluster displays in vehicles. Watch the demo videos below including an interactive ADAS demo, imaging radar technology and a windshield cluster using DLP® technology.


Making ADAS technology more accessible

As ADAS continues to evolve there’s an opportunity to make a greater impact by creating ADAS technology that can be used in a wider range of cars. Read how we're helping to make ADAS more available.

Paving the way to self-driving cars with ADAS

ADAS developments are designed to make cars safer and their gradual introduction is already improving road safety. Read how ADAS technology evolution will ultimately lead to self-driving cars.

Body electronics & lighting

The body electronics and lighting systems in a vehicle create comfort and convenience for the driver, passengers and in some cases even those outside of the vehicle. Watch the demo videos below to learn about TI technology for automotive gateway, adaptive headlights and dynamic ground projection.


Simplify vehicle neworks with zone architectures

A zonal architecture organizes the ECUs based on their location inside the car. Learn how this architecture greatly simplifies the network and power distribution throughout the vehicle.

Improve visibility with DLP® headlights

Automakers are looking for ways to improve visibility at night. Read this white paper on DLP technology for adaptive beam headlights as well as futuristic applications that help make the road safer.