Achieve space-grade certification faster with our radiation-hardened, high reliability analog and embedded processing products and resources

Building on 60 years in the space market, our radiation-hardened products and systems expertise help you meet your mission-critical design requirements to operate in space for decades to come.

Why choose TI for your space design?


Longevity and supply assurance

Meet your mission-critical supply requirements for high reliability products for decades to come.


Product availability

Our large inventory of space-grade products is immediately available for purchase on, including date and lot code options.


Deliver continuous innovation

Our growing portfolio of QML Class V-, Class Y- and Class P- qualified and Space-EP products and resources address your complex design challenges to perform in the harshest environment of space.


Accelerate your design

Our expertise and detailed documentation in radiation testing and system design provide you the fastest path to go from concept to production.

Engineering the next frontier

Choose the right device to meet your mission's quality requirements

To meet the needs of new space and deep space customers, we offer two different space-qualified packaging options:

  • Plastic, offering smaller size, lower weight and higher performance, available in two radiation levels: radiation-hardened Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) Classes P and Y products optimized for medium Earth orbit (MEO) and geostationary orbit (GEO) missions with high-quality and high radiation-tolerant requirements, and radiation-tolerant Space Enhanced Products (SEP) targeted for low Earth orbit (LEO) missions with lower radiation and cost requirements.
  • Ceramic, which is hermetically sealed following QML Class V with various radiation levels.
Application note
QML flow, its importance, and obtaining lot information (Rev. C)
Learn more about the qualifying and manufacturing flow for space graded products.
How space-enhanced plastic devices address challenges in low Earth orbit applications
The harsh environment of space requires an enhanced level of reliability to ensure the safety of your system. Save time and reduce risk in your next launch with our space enhanced product portfolio.
TI Space Products Guide
Explore our product classifications and qualifications table to learn how our rad-hard and rad-tolerant products can help innovate your space designs.
Featured products for space
TPS7H4001-SP ACTIVE Radiation-hardened, QMLV and QMLP, 3-V to 7-V input 18-A synchronous step-down converter
TPS7H5001-SP ACTIVE Radiation-hardened, QMLV and QMLP 2-MHz dual-output PWM controller with synchronous rectification
ADC12DJ5200RF ACTIVE RF-sampling 12-bit ADC with dual-channel 5.2 GSPS or single-channel 10.4 GSPS

Our radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant power management products are optimized to help you meet size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) requirements, and achieve the highest levels of power density and efficiency while operating in space for decades to come. Our DC/DC controllers, step-down converters, linear regulators, load switches and voltage references help you to meet all of your most demanding power requirements.

Video series
T-60 video series – design considerations for space-grade power management circuits
A series of videos covering a range of applicable topics for anyone designing space-grade power systems.  The videos provide background on the QMLV qualification process and associated group reports.
Alpha Data ADM-VA600 kit using AMD Versal core XQRVC1902 ACAP and TI radiation-tolerant products
Get started with this evaluation board with 6U VPX form factor highlighting the AMD-Xilinx® Versal AI Core XQRVC1902 adaptable SoC/FPGA.
STAR-Dundee STAR-Tiger power supply for SpaceFibre using TI radiation-hardened power and analog ICs
The STAR-Tiger power supply board uses radiation hard power supply devices from Texas Instruments, to demonstrate a robust power supply for high-performance computing and networking in spacecraft.
Featured products for power
NEW TPS7H6003-SP ACTIVE Radiation-hardened, QMLV 200-V half-bridge GaN gate driver
NEW TPS7H2140-SEP ACTIVE Radiation-tolerant, 4.5-V to 32-V, input 1.35-A 160-mΩ quad-channel eFuse
TPS7H5005-SEP ACTIVE Radiation-tolerant, 2-MHz, dual-output PWM controller with synchronous rectification

Maximize data throughput and SWAP-C with our space-grade RF portfolio

Our high-performance data converters, clocking products, amplifiers and system designs help you deliver the highest bandwidth with widest RF frequency coverage in a harsh radiation environment - giving you the ability to support multiple communication or radar channels with higher throughput in a smaller amount of space.

Enabling you to achieve:

  • Wider instantaneous bandwidth and broader RF frequency coverage for direct RF sampling.
  • Synchronization of a large number of data converters in phased array antenna systems.
  • Size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) requirements with highly integrated solutions.
  • Portfolio coverage for any mission requirements from low Earth orbit to deep space.
Technical article
Phased array antenna systems: A new paradigm for electronics in satellites (Rev. A)
Read our article to learn how phased array antenna systems increase the capabilities of next-generation satellite systems
Improving SWaP-C in phased array antenna systems
Watch our webinar to learn how phased array antennas can help accomplish smaller and higher-frequency satellite solutions
JESD204 Rapid Design IP for FPGAs connected to TI high-speed data converters
Download our JESD204 rapid design IP designed to enable FPGA engineers to accelerate time to market and minimize development costs.
Featured products for high bandwidth
NEW AFE7950-SP ACTIVE Radiation-hardness-assured (RHA), 4-transmit, 6-receive RF-sampling transceiver up to 10.6 GHz
NEW LMX1906-SP ACTIVE Radiation-hardness-assured (RHA) 15GHz buffer, multiplier and divider with SYSREF and FPGA clock
LMK04832-SP ACTIVE Radiation-hardened-assured (RHA), ultra-low-noise, 3.2-GHz, 15-output clock jitter cleaner

Accuracy for sophisticated instruments

From space-grade operational amplifiers to precision data converters, our latest precision technologies deliver the highest accuracy and integration for sophisticated instrumentation and precise telemetry of various voltage, current, and temperature measurements throughout your system. 

Application brief
Analog Front-End Design With Texas Instruments’ Tooling Landscape
This application note describes how to get started quickly and how our products and tools assist you to tune the design effectively with the help of a concrete design example.
ADS1282-SP radiation-tolerant evaluation module
Get started with this compact evaluation kit for evaluating the ADS1282-SP, a radiation-tolerant, extremely high-performance, dual-channel ADC.
Versatile satellite health monitoring and control platform reference design with < 1% accuracy
A highly modular design for radiation-hardened satellite telemetry systems that utilizes the versatility of LMP7704-SP to accurately monitor temperature, voltage and current to provide feedback to the host board.
Featured products for precision
ADC128S102-SEP ACTIVE Radiation-tolerant, eight-channel, 50-kSPS to 1-MSPS, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)

OPA4H014-SEP ACTIVE Radiation-tolerant, 11-MHz, low-noise, precision rail-to-rail output JFET amplifier

Accelerate time to market and optimize costs when buying from our space-qualified product portfolio

Find the most accurate classification and radiation performance required for your mission from our broad and immediately available online inventory of space products.

Benefits of choosing to buy products online:

  • Access pricing, inventory and specific lot day codes, including lot-specific quality information via your myTI account.
  • Choose the best currency, payment option and ordering method for your organization.
  • Receive your space-grade products within two days or less when buying through or TI store API.
White paper
APIs: A Direct Path to Doing Business With TI
TI store API suite - Place and manage orders, track shipments and get real-time inventory and pricing. Learn more here.
Does offer date code selection for Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) Class Q & V devices?
Read more about information available for high-reliability products for QML Class Q & Class V.
How can I get product conformance reports?
Read more about information available for receiving product conformance reports.

Design & development resources

Reference design
Versatile satellite health monitoring and control platform reference design with < 1% accuracy
This reference design features a highly modular design for radiation-hardened satellite telemetry systems that utilizes the versatility of LMP7704-SP to accurately monitor temperature, voltage and current to provide feedback to the host board. It also provides controlled analog outputs to provide (...)
Reference design
4T5R space-grade integrated transceiver reference design

The 4T5R space-grade integrated transceiver reference design reference design incorporates a full RF sampling transceiver including a clocking solution and power solution. The design incoporates all -SEP flavor TI devices and space-qualified passives within a VITA-57 form factor.

Reference design
100W, 5V output hard-switched full-bridge converter reference design for 100kRad applications
This reference design uses the TPS7H5001-SP pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller and three TPS7H6003-SP half-bridge drivers to contruct a hard-switched full-bridge converter that takes an input ranging from 22V to 36V and generates an isolated 5V output capable of 100W loading. The controller, (...)

Reference designs related to Space

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

View all Space products

Filter, compare and select the right device for your Space design with our selection tool.

Featured products

AC/DC & DC/DC controllers (external FET) TPS7H5001-SP ACTIVE Radiation-hardened, QMLV and QMLP 2-MHz dual-output PWM controller with synchronous rectification
AC/DC & DC/DC converters (integrated FET) TPS7H4001-SP ACTIVE Radiation-hardened, QMLV and QMLP, 3-V to 7-V input 18-A synchronous step-down converter
High-speed ADCs (≥10 MSPS) ADC12DJ3200QML-SP ACTIVE Radiation-hardness-assured (RHA), QMLV, 300-krad, 12-bit, dual 3.2-GSPS or single 6.4-GSPS ADC
RF PLLs & synthesizers LMX2615-SP ACTIVE Space grade 40-MHz to 15-GHz wideband synthesizer with phase synchronization and JESD204B support
Precision op amps (Vos<1mV) LMP7704-SP ACTIVE Radiation-hardness-assured (RHA), precision low-input-bias wide-supply-range amplifier with RRIO
Precision ADCs ADS1278-SP ACTIVE Radiation Hardened 24-Bit 8-Ch Simultaneous-Sampling Delta-Sigma ADC
Learn about our collaboration with NASA and industry leaders in developing radiation-hardened, plastic packaging for space electronics, known as QML Class P, to power missions with size, weight and power in mind
Read more

Technical resources

Selection guide
Selection guide
TI Space Products (Rev. J)
QMLV space-grade and radiation-tolerant products to help innovate your space designs.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
Technical article
Technical article
How Space Enhanced Products Address Challenges in low Earth orbit Applications (Rev. A)
Learn more about our Space Enhanced Plastic (Space EP) portfolio of products, in addition to its current portfolio of more than 250 Qualified Manufacturers List Class V (QMLV) hermetic-space-grade devices.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
Radiation Handbook for Electronics (Rev. A)
Ready to unlock decades of expert insight? Find a compendium of radiation effects topics for space, industrial and terrestrial applications.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF