RS-232 transceivers

Increase system protection and data rates while lowering power consumption

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Enhance RS-232 signaling reliability with our portfolio of transceivers with high-ESD protection. These integrated solutions feature wide voltage ranges down to 1.8 V and a variety of channel configurations and data rates for reliable communication in harsh environments.

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High-ESD transceivers

Design for harsh environments and save board space using our RS-232 transceivers with integrated IEC-ESD 61000-4-2 support up to ±15-kV air-gap discharge, ±8-kV CDM and ±15-kV HBM.

High data rate transceivers

Optimize applications requiring data rates up to 1 Mbps using RS-232 transceivers with a wide range of channel configurations.

Low-voltage transceivers

Design for small battery-powered applications with RS-232 transceivers in QFN packages as small as 16 mm2 and compatible with 1.8-V processor interfaces.


Multichannel RS-232 compatible line driver/receiver (3T/5R) with 15-kV IEC ESD protection

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Reference designs related to RS-232 transceivers

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.