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Combining buck-boost battery chargers and USB Type-C™ Power Delivery for maximum

This paper examines the benefits of combining USB Type-C PD and buck-boost charging to achieve maximum power density for portable electronic designs.

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Multibattery management in medical ultrasound systems (Rev. A) PDF 182 21 Jan 2021
USB D+/D- Input Current Limit Detection PDF 423 30 Dec 2020
High-Efficiency Charging for TWS Using a 2-Pin Interface Application Report PDF 9755 18 Jun 2020

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克服低功耗應用中的低 IQ 挑戰 PDF 1818 11 Mar 2021
저전력 애플리케이션의 저 IQ 문제점 극복 PDF 1678 11 Mar 2021
Overcoming Low-IQ Challenges in Low-Power Applications PDF 1665 07 Jan 2021