SN74LS592 8-Bit Binary Counters With Input Registers |

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8-Bit Binary Counters With Input Registers

8-Bit Binary Counters With Input Registers - SN74LS592


The 'LS592 comes in a 16-pin package and consists of a parallel input, 8-bit storage register feeding an 8-bit binary counter. Both the register and the counter have individual positive-edge-triggered clocks. In addition, the counter has direct load and clear functions. A low-going RCO\ pulse will be obtained when the counter reaches the hex word FF. Expansion is easily accomplished for two stages by connecting RCO\ of the first stage to CCKEN\ of the second stage. Cascading for larger count chains can be accomplished by connecting RCO\ of each stage to CCK of the following stage.

The 'LS593 comes in a 20-pin package and has all the features of the 'LS592 plus 3-state I/O, which provides parallel counter outputs. The tables below show the operation of the enable (CCKEN, CCKEN\) inputs. A register clock enable (RCKEN\) is also provided.



  • Parallel Register Inputs ('LS592)
  • Parallel 3-State I/O: Register Inputs/ Counter Outputs ('LS593)
  • Counter has Direct Overriding Load and Clear
  • Accurate Counter Frequency:DC to 20 MHz



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Part number Order Technology Family VCC (Min) (V) VCC (Max) (V) Bits (#) Voltage (Nom) (V) F @ nom voltage (Max) (MHz) ICC @ nom voltage (Max) (mA) tpd @ nom Voltage (Max) (ns) IOL (Max) (mA) IOH (Max) (mA) Function Type Rating Operating temperature range (C) Package Group
SN74LS592 Order now LS     4.75     5.25     8     5     35     60     53     24     -2.6     Counter     Binary     Catalog     0 to 70     PDIP | 16
SOIC | 16
SO | 16    
SN54LS592 Samples not available LS     4.75     5.25     8     5     35     60     53     24     -2.6     Counter     Binary     Military     -55 to 125     CDIP | 16
CFP | 16