Floating-Point Digital Signal Processors

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* Datasheet TMS320C6713B Floating-Point Digital Signal Processor datasheet (Rev. B) Jun. 30, 2006
* Errata TMS320C6713, TMS320C6713B DSPs Silicon Errata (Silicon Revisions 2.0, 1.1) (Rev. J) Aug. 12, 2005
More literature Chip support library Sep. 09, 2016
Application notes Introduction to TMS320C6000 DSP Optimization Oct. 06, 2011
White papers Software and Hardware Design Challenges Due to Dynamic Raw NAND Market May 19, 2011
User guides TMS320C6000 DSP Peripherals Overview Reference Guide (Rev. Q) Jul. 02, 2009
User guides TMS320C6000 DSP Multi-channel Audio Serial Port (McASP) Reference Guide (Rev. J) Nov. 20, 2008
Application notes Thermal Considerations for the DM64xx, DM64x, and C6000 Devices May 20, 2007
User guides TMS320C6000 DSP External Memory Interface (EMIF) Reference Guide (Rev. E) Apr. 11, 2007
User guides TMS320C6000 DSP Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Module Reference Guide (Rev. D) Mar. 26, 2007
User guides TMS320C6000 DSP Multichannel Buffered Serial Port (McBSP) Reference Guide (Rev. G) Dec. 14, 2006
User guides TMS320C6000 DSP Enhanced Direct Memory Access (EDMA) Controller Reference Guide (Rev. C) Nov. 15, 2006
User guides TMS320C67x/C67x+ DSP CPU and Instruction Set Reference Guide (Rev. A) Nov. 07, 2006
User guides TMS320C6000 DSP Host-Post Interface (HPI) Reference Guide (Rev. C) Jan. 01, 2006
Application notes Migrating from TMS320C6211B/C6711/C6711B and C6713 to TMS320C6713B (Rev. H) Nov. 11, 2005
User guides TMS320C6000 DSP Power-Down Logic and Modes Reference Guide (Rev. C) Mar. 01, 2005
User guides TMS320C6000 DSP 32-bit Timer Reference Guide (Rev. B) Jan. 25, 2005
User guides TMS320C6000 DSP Software-Programmable Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Controller RG (Rev. C) Aug. 02, 2004
User guides TMS320C621x/C671x DSP Two Level Internal Memory Reference Guide (Rev. B) Jun. 08, 2004
Application notes TMS320C6711D, C6712D, C6713B Power Consumption Summary (Rev. A) May 31, 2004
User guides TMS320C6000 DSP General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) Reference Guide (Rev. A) Mar. 25, 2004
Application notes TMS320C6000 EDMA IO Scheduling and Performance Mar. 05, 2004
Application notes TMS320C621x/671x EDMA Performance Data Mar. 05, 2004
Application notes TMS320C621x/TMS320C671x EDMA Architecture Mar. 05, 2004