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Hall-effect latches & switches

Low power, high-sensitivity, digital Hall-effect sensors

Our digital Hall-effect latches and switches provide reliability and durability in a wide variety of position sensing applications. Whether simply detecting the closing of a lid or performing complex motor communication, our Hall-effect latches and switches provide high-precision, contactless position measurements.

Device type

Our Hall-effect switches are offered with unipolar (switches on one magnetic pole) and omnipolar (reacts to both poles).

Supply voltage

Our Hall-effect sensors are offered with low voltage and high voltage supply ranges to address your application needs.

Device package

Our Hall-effect latches & switches are available in several different package options designed to reduce the amount of board space required for your design.

Featured Hall-effect switches

Hall-effect switches indicate if a magnet is close by, based on a predefined magnetic threshold. Our portfolio offers both omnipolar and unipolar devices.


High-voltage (up to 38 V), in-plane, high-precision switch


Two-wire (current output), high-voltage (up to 38V), high-precision switch


Ultra-low-power digital-switch Hall-effect sensors, design for the most compact and battery-sensitive systems

Featured Hall-effect latches

Hall-effect latches require alternating north and south magnetic poles to toggle the output. These devices are used in rotary applications, including brushless DC motor drivers (BLDC) motor sensors and incremental encoding.


Two-dimensional, dual-channel, high-sensitivity, speed and direction outputs, Hall-effect latch


Automotive grade 0 digital Hall-effect latch designed for motors and other rotary systems in industry standard SOT-23 and TO-92


Low-voltage, digital-switch, Hall-effect sensor with 2.5-V to 5.5-V power supply for sensing magnetic flux density and provides a digital output

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