Amplifiers – Featured products

Our amplifiers can meet nearly any system design challenge - whether you need to maximize the performance of your high-voltage system, extend your battery and/or system lifetime, shrink your board or increase reliability. Select your amplifier system design need from the options below.

Achieve maximum performance with high-voltage amplifiers

Our high-voltage amplifiers provide a wide common mode range, high sensing capabilities and greater supply compatibility.  They enable dc precision down to 0.5 µV, bandwidth up to 8 GHz and wide common-mode range up to ±275V for a wide variety of industrial, automotive and communications systems, including HEV/EV, infotainment, factory automation, medical, motor drive, appliances, test and measurement, power delivery, and wireless and telecommunications infrastructure.

Featured high-voltage amplifiers


40-V op amp with 1 MHz 3 V/µs slew rate, enables low-cost applications


40-V op amp with 1.25 MHz, 4.5 V/µs slew rate and rail to rail input and output


36-V JFET-input amp with 45 MHz GBW, 150 V/µs slew rate, high-DC precision, low noise

Shrink your board with small-size amplifiers

Design smaller, while maintaining high performance in your designs, with some of the world’s tiniest amplifiers. Our small-size package options, including QFN, X2SON (DPW) and WLCSP, shrink board space requirements, enabling you to do more in space-constrained systems, such as personal electronics, factory automation, test and measurement, grid infrastructure, telecommunications and small-form-factor industrial applications.

Featured small-size amplifiers


Industry’s smallest, highest-accuracy open-drain comparator with internal 1.2-V or 0.2-V reference, available in 0.73-mm-by-0.73-mm package


Industry’s smallest, highest-accuracy push-pull comparator with internal 1.2-V or 0.2-V reference, available in 0.73-mm-by-0.73-mm package


World’s smallest current sense amplifier in a leaded 1.6-mm-by-1.6-mm package, optimal for cost-sensitive and space constrained applications

Extend battery and system lifetimes with low-power amplifiers

Achieve lighter, more portable systems with lower-capacity batteries and longer lifetimes. Our low-power amplifiers use 100 µA (typical) quiescent current or less, enabling you to use smaller batteries and reduce the size and cost of building and factory automation equipment, test and measurement, personal electronics and automotive systems.

Featured low-power amplifiers


650nA, 3.6-V, zero-drift, nanopower operational amplifier


40-V, 43 µA, low/high-side, zero-drift current sense amplifier


36-V, 100 μA, zero-drift operational amplifier

Increase system reliability with automotive-qualified amplifiers

Design reliable and flexible automotive systems with our Q100-qualified automotive amplifiers. Our portfolio, which is the industry's largest, will increase your system's lifetime while maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

Featured automotive-qualified amplifiers


42V, automotive qualified current sense amplifier with survivable common mode range


40V, automotive qualified, micropower push-pull comparator with shutdown


16V, automotive qualified, 400 mA dual operational amp with current limiting capability