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Difference amplifiers that give you everything you want and nothing you don't

Featuring precision-matched resistor networks for high accuracy and wide common-mode

Our difference amplifiers are optimized for high-input common-mode voltages and common-mode rejection ratios to measure small differential signals. Additionally, our difference amplifiers offer low-gain and gain drift errors for high-accuracy systems.

High common-mode voltage (≥100V)

Maximize input signal range with high common-mode voltage capability

High CMRR (≥80dB)

Reduce unwanted noise with a high common-mode-rejection ratio

Low offset (≤250µV)

Improve DC accuracy with low offset and high-precision performance

Find a difference amplifier that best fits your design needs

Featured products


36-V, high-precision (40 µV, 2 μV/°C, 88dB), low-power, e-trim difference amplifier. On-chip resistors matched to 0.001% exceed the performance of discrete solutions and others amps in market


36-V, low-power, e-trim difference amplifier for cost-sensitive applications. e-Trim technology reduces offset and temperature drift without resorting to chopping techniques


±275-V, high-common-mode-voltage difference amplifier


Automotive ±200-V common-mode voltage difference amplifier suitable for HEV/EV applications

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