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Improve your design with high-performance isolated ADCs

ADCs with isolation technology that enables higher performance and longer lifetimes

Isolated ADCs, also known as isolated modulators, are ICs that output a digital bitstream from a precise delta sigma modulator capable of withstanding high common mode voltages. TI’s portfolio consists of both basic and reinforced isolated modulators for current sensing and voltage sensing applications needing high performance and reliability at a low price.

Featured isolated ADCs


Automotive qualified reinforced isolated delta-sigma modulator for voltage sensing with ±1-V input range


Small-sized, reinforced isolated modulator with CMOS interface


±250-mV input, precision reinforced isolated delta-sigma modulator with integrated DC/DC converter for current sensing

Featured reference designs

Isolated, shunt-based current sensing

Reference design for shunt-based current measurement applications requiring galvanic isolation and accuracy implements isolated current sensing data acquisition

Isolated current shunt and voltage measurement for motor drives

Reference design that provides ability to evaluate the performance of these measurements: three motor currents, three inverter voltages and the DC Link voltage

Extended current and voltage measurement using shunts for protection relays

Reference design providing a unique approach for extending the current measurement range using a single shunt and voltage measurement

Multi-phase energy measurement with isolated shunt sensors

Reference design implements a Class 0.5% three-phase energy measurement system with isolated shunt sensors

Featured isolated ADC resources

Understanding isolation terminology and relevance

This quick guide can serve as a reference for experienced designers or a starting point for engineers who are new to understanding isolation technologies.

High Voltage Isolation Quality and Reliability for AMC130x

Understand the high-voltage isolation quality and reliability of devices such as the industry's highest performing reinforced isolated amplifier, the AMC1301.

Comparing isolated amplifiers and isolated modulators (Rev. A)

This document compares isolated amplifiers and isolated-modulator-based solutions and explains some unique advantages of isolated-modulator-based solutions.

Isolation certifications

Review the range of certifications TI's portfolio of isolated ADCs have received including VDE, CSA, and UL certifications.

Isolated ADC Certifications