Store your data with memory storage devices

Access TI’s large selection of memory storage devices, all with a unique offering. Use flip-flops logic devices for temporary data storage and look to latches and registers for additional data storage needs. See below for further specifications and learning.

D-type flip-flop

  • 350+ devices with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, or 32-bits
  • Up to 18V support
  • Positive-edge-triggered and up to 250MHz operation
  • Some D-FF feature preset/clear function
  • Supports clocked latch functionality

J-K flip-flop

  • 35+ devices and up to 18V support
  • Positive or negative-edge-triggered
  • Up to 100MHz operation
  • Some J-K FF feature preset/clear function
  • Supports clocked latch functionality

D-type latch

  • 180+ devices with up to 32-bit options
  • Up to 6V support
  • Supports level-triggered and asychronous features
  • 3 state output option with up to 250MHz operation

Other latch

  • 30+ devices with 4, 8, 16-bit options
  • Up to 18V support with up to 75MHz operation
  • Supports asychronous and addressable features
  • Supports read-back and SR latch availability

Shift register

  • 120+ devices supporting up to 64 bits
  • Up to 18V support
  • Parallel in/out and serial in/out features
  • Input/output expansion application

FIFO register

  • 40+ devices
  • Up to 65536 x 18 or 32768 x 36 configuration
  • 4.5V to 5.5V or 3V to 3.6V range support
  • Supports asynchronous/synchronous features
  • Supports unidirectional/bidirectional features
  • Memory blocks application
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