JK flip-flops

Positive-edge and negative-edge triggered JK flip-flops

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Resolve common synchronous logic and memory issues such as synchronizing digital signals, converting momentary switches to toggle switches, or holding signals during reset with our portfolio of more than 40 JK flip-flops. Included are CMOS and TTL-compatible CMOS options.

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Benefits of our JK flip-flops


Rated for space

Our strong portfolio of products support extended temperature range as well as space rating.


Diverse package offering

Leaded and leadless ceramic or plastic packages available with pin counts ranging from 14 to 20 pins


Wide range of JK flip-flop functions

Fulfill your design needs with negative-edge or positive-edge triggering

Common applications of JK flip-flops

Control digital signals

Digital signals sometimes need to be enabled or disabled during system operation. This video explores all the options for what to do with the output when a line is disabled, and identifies logic devices that can perform each function.

Technical resources

CMOS inputs
A generic CMOS input structure is discussed along with it's typical characteristics and behavior. Use cases for Logic gates are discussed as well.
CMOS outputs
This section discusses a typical CMOS output structure and its characteristics. Based on the understanding of the CMOS output structure, use cases are discussed.
User guide
User guide
LOGIC Pocket Data Book (Rev. B)
This Logic reference manual equips the engineer with fundamental information to improve Logic implementation in designs.
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