Texas Instruments offers a broad portfolio of multiplexers & switches that provide high-performance and low-power solutions to solve signal routing issues while interfacing between DSPs, CPUs, industry standard buses, memory and peripherals in order to optimize system performance. The TI product portfolio includes general purpose analog switches, load switches, high speed switches and application specific switches for applications including USB, LAN, video (HDMI/VGA/DP/MHL), DDR memory, Audio Jack and PCIe. TI switches encompass a variety of channel counts, configurations, voltage ranges, on resistances (RON) and bandwidth to target any application

TI's broad analog switch portfolio can target any application by offering a variety of:

  • Channel counts
  • Configurations
  • Voltage Ranges
  • RON resistances
  • Bandwidth

TI's digital switches provide low-voltage and general purpose solutions for:

  • Bus-Exchange
  • Digital Multiplexing
  • Digital Demultiplexing

TI's load switches can be used for a variety of applications including:

  • Power distribution
  • Power sequencing
  • Power savings

Application Specific Switches