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Signal routing products with multi-vendor supply

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Route signals while preserving signal integrity. Our broad portfolio offers multi-vendor, signal routing solutions for interfaces including USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USBC, HDMI, DisplayPort, and PCIe. Perform signal routing in personal electronics, enterprise and communication systems, industrial applications, and automotive applications.

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Route signals for low-power, high-quality audio performance


Manage all required power buses with single and dual-slot controllers, while maintaining industry standards

High-speed passive muxes

USB 2, USB 3, USB Type-C passive muxes

TI's broad portoflio of high-speed muxes includes muxes which are qualified for USB 2, USB 3, and USB Type-C specifications.

Many of TI's USB muxes are multisource solutions offering customers continuity of supply and confidence in cost savings! 

  • For laptops and smart phones, TI offers high ESD, small packages, and low power muxes.
  • For USB-C alt mode in docking stations or TVs, TI offers high-bandwidth muxes with integrated CC controller.
  • For car infotainment, TI offers automotive-qualified muxes.

Let TI simplify your signal routing and provide you reliable, multisource USB muxes.

Featured products for USB
TMUXHS221 ACTIVE USB 2.0 480-Mbps 2:1 multiplexer and 1:2 demultiplexer
HD3SS3220 ACTIVE 10-Gbps USB 3.1 Type-C 2:1 mux with DRP Controller
TMUXHS4212 ACTIVE 2-channel 16-Gbps 2:1/1:2 differential mux/demux

HDMI, DP and MIPI passive muxes

TI's broad portfolio of video high-speed muxes are qualified for HDMI, DP, and MIPI specifications. They are tailored to a wide variety of data rates, supporting up to 12 Gbps.

TI's video passive muxes come in a variety of packages and pinouts to best fit your design. For laptop, monitor, or docking station applications, TI offers high ESD protection, small packages, and low power solutions. For automotive infotainment, TI has automotive-qualified multiplexing solutions.

Let TI simplifiy your signal routing and provide you a reliable solution.

Featured products for video
TS3DV642 ACTIVE 6-Gbps 12-channel differential 1-to-2 and 2-to-1 mux for DVI 1.0/ DisplayPort 1.4 /HDMI 2.0

PCIe, SAS, SATA passive muxes

TI's broad portoflio of high-speed muxes includes muxes which are qualified for PCIe or any other high speed differential signals 16Gbps or lower. PCIe 4.0 passive mux is footprint compatible to upgrade to active mux with built-in redriver, which allows maximum design flexibility. PCIe passive muxes can be used for any protocol that share similar data rate and electrical connections like SAS, SATA, and CXL.

Test report
PCI Express® Generation 4 Compliance Test Report With TMUXHS4412
PCI Express® Generation 4 compliance test report withTMUXHS4412
Featured products for PCIe
HD3SS3212-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive two-channel differential 2:1 & 1:2 USB3.2 mux & demux
HD3SS3415 ACTIVE 3.3-V PCI Express 3.0, USB 3.1 4-channel analog differential switch
TMUXHS4412 ACTIVE 4-Channel 20-Gbps differential 2:1/1:2 mux/demux

Reference designs related to Protocol-specific switches & muxes

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