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Simplify signal switching with our analog switches & multiplexers

Enhance system capabilities and optimize your BOM

Maintain signal integrity across your system while reducing design complexity with our analog switches and multiplexers (muxes). Satisfy all of your system requirements with our broad range of voltage, configuration, and package options to support precision measurements, power sequencing, and I2C, SPI, JTAG and general-purpose signals.


Isolate I/O signal paths, simplify power sequencing design complexity and protect components using powered-off, overvoltage and undershoot protection.


Minimize offset error and signal distortion in high-accuracy measurement systems using < 1-nA leakage current and < 10-pC charge injection across the entire operating temperature range.

Low voltage

Select from a comprehensive portfolio of low-voltage multiplexer configurations and package options to support an I/O signal range less than or equal to 24 V.

Mid voltage

Maintain system accuracy and increase system voltage margin with mid-voltage multiplexers to support an I/O signal range greater than 24 V.

View our portfolio of switches & multiplexers by key feature

I/O signal voltage (≤±24-V)

I/O signal voltage (>±24-V)

Automotive qualified

Small package size

High precision (< 1-nA leakage current) TMUX11x TMUX61x TS3A3159-Q1 TMUX11x
Powered-off protection TMUX15x MPCx TS5A12301E
Low ON-state resistance (Ron < 1 Ω) TS5Ax TS5Ax-Q1 TS5A3159A
Low capacitance (Con < 10 pF) TMUX15x TMUX61x SN3257-Q1 SN74LVCx
Support for 1.8-V logic TMUX13x TS3A27518E-Q1 TS5A21366
Support for JTAG, SPI, I2C and other protocols TMUX1574 TS5A23157-Q1 TMUX1575

Build your expertise with TI Precision Labs - Switches & Multiplexers

Check out this comprehensive curriculum of short training videos covering the basics of analog switches and multiplexers. Learn about common switch architectures, specifications, characteristics, and parameters. This series also covers key differentiating features such as powered-off protection and fault protection.

Learn more about using analog switches & multiplexers in your design

Precision data aquisition

Measure precise signals with multiplexers featuring <1-nA leakage current and <10-pC charge injection.

GPIO expansion & diagnostics

Expand system capability, diagnostic voltage and sensor monitoring with small package options of 16:1, 8:1 and 4:1 multiplexers.

System communication

Route a variety of push-pull and open-drain signals, such as MIPI, SPI, I2S, I2C, JTAG, UART and more, with low capacitance and high-bandwidth switches.

System protection & power sequencing

Protect system components and resolve power sequencing with 4-, 8- and 12-channel switches featuring overvoltage, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and powered-off protection.

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