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TI’s battery fuel (gas) gauge ICs accurately measure battery current, voltage and temperature to find state-of-charge. Patented Impedance Track™ technology allows the gauge to calculate remaining battery capacity without modeling or learning and provide 99% accuracy in reporting. With advanced MaxLife™ technology, smart gauges can control a charger to ensure more efficient charging as capacity increases. Protection and authentication solutions are also available.

General Purpose Gauging for Any Electronic Device

The bq27400 and bq27600 series of general purpose gauges are easy-to-configure system-side fuel gauges for single-cell battery packs.

Battery management with MaxLife™ charging technology

Battery Management Quick Search Tool

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Electronic Devices Are Better with Gauges

Function Benefit
Computing devices and office tools Ensure work is saved
Mobile device sync Host checks battery level before attempting download
Gaming Ensure games completed and progress preserved
Mobile shopping Ensure transactions completed
Navigation Ensure battery life for length of trip