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Cell chemistry Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Number of series cells Single Cell Communication interface I2C Battery capacity (Min) (mAh) 100 Battery capacity (Max) (mAh) 14000 Implementation System External capacity indication None Features Impedance Track™ algorithm Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 85 Cell balancing open-in-new Find other Battery fuel gauges

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DSBGA (YZF) 9 3 mm² 1.62 x 1.66 open-in-new Find other Battery fuel gauges


  • Single-cell li-ion battery fuel gauge
    • Resides on system board
    • Supports embedded or removable batteries
    • Powers directly from the battery with integrated LDO
    • Supports a low-value external sense resistor (10 mΩ)
  • Ultra low power consumption in NORMAL (50 µA) and SLEEP (9 µA) modes
  • Battery fuel gauging based on patented Impedance Track™ technology
    • Provides three selectable preprogrammed profiles for 4.2-V, 4.35-V, and 4.4-V cells
    • Reports remaining capacity and state-of-charge (SOC) with smoothing filter
    • Adjusts automatically for battery aging, self-discharge, temperature, and rate changes
    • Estimates battery state-of-health (aging)
  • Microcontroller peripheral interface supports:
    • 400-kHz I2C serial interface
    • Configurable SOC interrupt or
      battery low digital output warning
    • Internal temperature sensor or host reported temperature or external thermistor

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The Texas Instruments BQ27426 battery fuel gauge is a single-cell gauge that requires minimal user-configuration and system microcontroller firmware development, leading to quick system bring-up.

Three chemistry profiles are preprogrammed to enable minimum user-configuration, and to help manage customer inventory across projects with different battery chemistries. The BQ27426 battery fuel gauge has very low sleep power consumption leading to longer battery run time. Configurable interrupts help save system power and free up the host from continuous polling. Accurate temperature sensing is supported via an external thermistor.

The BQ27426 battery fuel gauge uses the patented Impedance Track™ algorithm for fuel gauging, and provides information such as remaining battery capacity (mAh), state-of-charge (%), and battery voltage (mV).

Battery fuel gauging with the BQ27426 fuel gauge requires connections only to PACK+ (P+) and PACK– (P–) for a removable battery pack or embedded battery circuit. The tiny, 9-ball, 1.62 mm x 1.58 mm, 0.5 mm pitch NanoFree™ chip scale package (DSBGA) is ideal for space-constrained applications.

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Technical documentation

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* Datasheet BQ27426 System-Side Impedance Track™ Fuel Gauge datasheet (Rev. F) Aug. 08, 2019
* User guides bq27426 Technical Reference Manual Dec. 17, 2015
Application notes Impedance Track Gauge Configuration For Dynamic Loads (EPOS) Sep. 15, 2019
Technical articles Get smart: How intelligent battery gauges improve battery life in continuous glucose monitors Apr. 19, 2019
Application notes Benefits of Battery Gauges and Protectors in Medical Applications Jul. 02, 2018
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Application notes bq27426 Gauging Design for Applications With 2 Serial Li-Ion Batteries Dec. 14, 2017
Application notes The bq27426 Performace Under Dynamic Battery Voltage for Portable Audio Applicat Oct. 09, 2017
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Technical articles Achieving higher-accuracy battery fuel-gauge performance in ultra-low-power systems May 09, 2017
Application notes Gauge Communication Jan. 12, 2017
Application notes Enhanced Resolution Gauging for Low Current Applications Using Scaling Oct. 26, 2016
Technical articles Configuring a battery fuel gauge by reading the label on the back of your battery Mar. 11, 2016
User guides bq27426EVM-738 EVM: Single-Cell Impedance Track Technology Nov. 20, 2015

Design & development

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Hardware development

document-generic User guide

The BQ27426EVM-738 evaluation module is a complete evaluation system for the bq27426. The EVM includes one bq27426 circuit module with an external sense resistor. A separated orderable EV2400 PC interface board for gas gauge interface along with a PC USB cable, and Windows™-based PC software (...)

  • External sense and temperature sensor
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Low power mode for active fuel gauging
  • Small solution size is ideal for space-constraint applications
  • Flexible chemistry configuration

Software development

Battery Management Studio (bqStudio) Software
BQSTUDIO Battery Management Studio (bqStudio) offers a full suite of robust tools to assist with the process of evaluating, designing with, configuring, testing, or otherwise utilizing TI Battery management products. This includes features that provide full access to registers and data memory including (...)
  • Real-time Gauge Dashboard for monitoring basic registers
  • Full register access and logging
  • Full data memory access and logging
  • Product configuration and monitoring tools
  • Import and export of product configurations
  • Calibration and test automation
  • Export of FS files for the target production environment 
Linux Driver for BQ27XXX
BQ27XXXSW-LINUX The Linux driver supports the BQ27x series of Battery Fuel Gauges. The Linux driver supports communication through the I2C/HDQ bus and interfaces with the power supply sub-system to monitor battery properties.


Linux Mainline Status

Available in Linux Main line: Yes
Available through N/A


Design tools & simulation

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Reference designs

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Enhanced Accuracy Battery Fuel Gauge Reference Design for Low Power Industrial IoT Field Metering
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CAD/CAE symbols

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DSBGA (YZF) 9 View options

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