Power Management

Battery Fuel (Gas) Gauge

Discrete Gauges

  • LiIon, LiFePO, NiMH, LeadAcid gauge ICs
  • CEDV/Impedance Track™ algorithms
  • Accurate State of Charge/State of Health reporting

Battery Management Units (BMU)

  • Single/Multicell gauges with charge control
  • Controls a wide range of chargers
  • Maxlife™ solutions

Protection Integrated Gauges

  • Overvoltage, current, temp protection for safety
  • Integrated authentication for security
  • Lifetime parameters/black box recording


Protections such as over-​temperature, under-temperature, additional levels of over/under-voltage, discharge short circuit, discharge over-current, charge over-current


Autonomously measures all cell voltages, integrated pack current and temperature every 1s (minimize dependence on host processor and improve standby power)

Capacity Indication

Implements TI's advanced algorithms with measurement data to accurately track battery charge status and capacity degradation

Health Indication

Accurate State-Of-Health (SOH) enables accurate prediction of available capacity before system is disabled avoiding brown-out (prevalent problem in aged batteries or at cold temperatures)

Smart Charging

Gauge uses chemistry knowledge (CHEMID) and learned SOH to control charger

Maximize battery life utilizing TI "MaxLife Algorithm" to enable fast charging without lithium plating

Overnight charging controls charge time to prevent storage degradation just before wake-up

Black Box Forensics

Routinely stores highest/lowest and most significant battery parameters in nonvolatile flash memory for offline diagnostics or forensics (examples: # of charging cycles, min/max temperature, min/max voltages per cell, max charge and discharge current). Enables customer warranty end equipment based on actual usage by end user.


Customer-programmable data flash to suit different pack capacities, application constraints, and cell safety levels. Low cost of migration between models, generation and end equipment (tablet vs phone)