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CEDV li-ion gas gauge and battery management controller


Reference designs

Multi-Cell 36-48V Battery Management System Reference Design

The TIDA-00792 TI Design provides monitoring, balancing, primary protection and gauging for a 12 to 15 cell lithium-ion or lithium-iron phosphate based batteries. This board is intended to be mounted in an enclosure for industrial systems. The reference design subsystem provides battery protection (...)

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Software (6)

Name Part# Type
BQ78350-R2 Device Firmware: CEDV Li-Ion Gas Gauge and Battery Management Controller BQ78350-R2-DEVICE-FW Application Software & Frameworks
Battery Management Studio (bqStudio) Software BQSTUDIO Application Software & Frameworks
Gauging Parameter Calculator for CEDV gauges GPCCEDV Application Software & Frameworks
bqStudio Chemistry Updater (Rev. FU)  (ZIP 2726 KB )    10 Feb 2020  
bq78350-R1 Device Firmware (Rev. A)  (ZIP 4249 KB )    01 Feb 2019  
bq78350 Family Thermistor Coefficient Calculator  (ZIP 148 KB )    11 Jul 2014  

Development tools (1)

Name Part# Type
Gauging Parameter Calculator GAUGEPARCAL Calculation Tools