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RF amplifiers for high-speed applications

Meet your performance and bandwidth needs with our RF amplifiers

Our RF amplifiers for aerospace and defense, test and measurement, and wireless infrastructure applications offer a wide range of frequencies from DC to 8 GHz. Our portfolio offers strong OIP3 linearity performance and industry-leading HD2/HD3 distortion performance while helping you optimize system cost and space.

RF gain block   amplifiers

Cost-effective, wide-bandwidth-gain blocks with low power in a small footprint. New, integrated balun options help you save even more space and system cost.

RF variable gain amplifiers

Variable gain amplifiers with increased dynamic range and wide bandwidth for signal conditioning.

RF fully differential amplifiers

Wide bandwidth FDAs with excellent gain flatness, noise performance and linearity to replace gain stages and passive baluns in the RF signal chain.

Featured RF amplifiers


3.2 to 4.2 GHz differential to single-ended amplifier with integrated balun


3.3 GHz to 4.2 GHz single-ended to differential amplifier with integrated balun


8-GHz ultra wideband fully differential amplifier

Featured RF amplifier design tools