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Our RF amplifiers for aerospace and defense, test and measurement, and wireless infrastructure applications offer a wide range of frequencies from DC to 8 GHz. Our portfolio offers strong OIP3 linearity performance and industry-leading HD2/HD3 distortion performance while helping you optimize system cost and space.

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DC to 7.6GHz, 3dB BW, 10dB gain, dual RF fully-differential amplifier with common-mode control

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Design & development resources

Evaluation board
AFE7920 reference design evaluation board with active baluns LMH9126, LMH9226, LMH9135 and LMH9235
The AFE79-LMH9-EVM evaluation module (EVM) is a board for evaluating the performance of the AFE79xx family of integrated RF sampling transceivers interfaced with the LMH9xxx family of active baluns. The AFE79-LMH9-EVM showcases the AFE7920, LMH9126, LMH9226, LMH9135, and LMH9235. The device is (...)
Evaluation board
Wideband RF receiver reference design

RF Sampling 4GSPS ADC with 8GHz DC-Coupled Fully differential Amplifier. Provides a wide bandwidth high performance AC- or DC-coupled capture platform with up to 2 GHz of continous capture bandwidth. Built-in DDC functions enable tuning, down-conversion and bandwidth reduction of captured signals (...)

Reference design
Cascaded LMH5401 and LMH6401 reference design

A wideband single-ended to differential conversion reference design in both DC- and AC- coupled applications is presented. The design evaluates the performance of the LMH5401 and LMH6401 cascade and offers insight into the design.

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