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Overview for 3D Time of flight (ToF) Sensors

TI's 3D time of flight products, tools and development kits enable the next generation of machine vision with real-time 3D imaging depth camera. From robotic navigation to gesture recognition and building automation, TI's 3D time of flight chipsets allow for maximum flexibility to customize every aspect of your camera's design.

About 3D time of flight

  • Provides depth data directly from the chipset
  • High sensitivity and depth resolution
  • Minimal post processing
  • Low latency

Design resources

  • Camera reference design
  • Software development kit
  • E2E forum


  • 3D dimensioning
  • Building automation
  • Gesture recognition
  • Robotic navigation

About 3D time of flight

TI's 2nd Generation QVGA (320 x 240 pixel resolution) 3D ToF Chipset provides unparalleled integration, high configurability, and ease of design.


TI solutions

3D time of flight operates by illuminating an area with modulated IR light. By measuring the phase change of the reflected signal the distance can be accurately determined for every pixel in the sensor creating a 3D depth map of the subject or scene.



OPT8241 OPT9221
Device type Sensor + AFE ToF Controller
Sensor Resolution 320 x 240 N/A
Output Format Raw Correlation Data Depth Data
Interface LVDS

DVP Compatible

SSI Compatible

Frame Rate (Max) (FPS) 150 120
Pixel Pitch (um) 15 N/A
Rating Catalog Catalog
Operating Temperature Range (C) 0 to 70 0 to 70
Pin/Package 78COG 256NFBGA
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Design resources

After you select your 3D time of flight chipset, jumpstart your design with TI's third party design partners. These partner companies can help with everything from the design of your illumination and lensing to providing full turnkey solutions tailored to you're specific needs. Or get started yourself with TI's camera and software development kits.




3D Dimensioning

  • Machine vision / factory automation
  • 3D scanning and inspection
  • Auto-dimensioning
  • Building Automation

    3D Gesture Recognition

    • Gaming
    • Virtual reality / augmented reality
    • CAD
    • Medical

    Robotics navigation

    • Robotic vacuums
    • 6-axis robotic arms
    • Visual safety systems

    3D Time of Flight (ToF) Sensor Videos