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Relative humidity sensor ICs

Optimize system efficiency and extend industrial and automotive system lifetimes with the industry’s highest-accuracy and lowest-power sensors

Moisture affects system performance and product longevity in applications such as cars, appliances and medical equipment. From extending the life of produce during transport and storage, to keeping automotive cameras clear of fog, to controlling air flow and quality in buildings, the need for improved reliability and safer, more comfortable environments has increased the adoption of relative humidity (RH) sensors to measure water vapor in the environment. Our humidity sensing family offers enhanced reliability (<0.21% RH drift per year), the industry's highest accuracy (1.5% RH across conditions), as well as the lowest power (1 µA at 1-Hz sampling frequency) to enable more efficient and long-lasting systems.

Extend system reliability with enhanced sensing

Achieve greater reliability over time with low drift in long-life industrial and automotive applications.

  • Less than 0.21% RH drift per year
  • VOC contamination correction
  • Covers for assembly (tape)/lifetime (IP67 filters)

Increase system efficiency with high accuracy

Optimize performance with devices rigorously tested and trimmed for RH and temperature accuracy. Test setup is traceable to NIST standards for temperature and relative humidity and is verified in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 policies and procedures.

  • ±1.5% relative humidity (RH) sensor accuracy
  • ±0.1°C temperature sensor accuracy
  • 4-second RH response time

Increase lifetimes for battery-operated systems

Reduce the frequency of battery changes and charging with ultra-low power (nanoampere) consumption across a wide supply range that enables low-power operation both while actively running and in sleep mode.

  • 1 µA at 1-Hz sampling frequency
  • Automatic measurement mode
  • Alert to reduce processor runtime

Featured humidity sensors


High-accuracy (±1.5% RH), low-power, humidity and temperature digital sensor with drift correction


Automotive, high-accuracy (±1.5% RH), humidity and temperature digital sensor with drift correction


Low-cost, high-accuracy (±2% RH) humidity sensor with integrated temperature sensor in dust-resistant package

Technical resources

The humidity sensor curriculum contains short training videos that cover the basics of humidity sensors, terminology, unique characteristics of open cavity package devices, and tips for applications.

Humidity sensors are not standard ICs. User’s guides offer information on storage and handling procedures, heater usage and software configuration examples.

Our BP-BASSENSORSMKII BoosterPack™ plug-in module interfaces to your LaunchPad™ development kit for rapid prototyping with humidity sensors.