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Humidity sensor ICs

Accurately measure relative humidity and temperature with industry-leading ultra-low-power and small-size humidity sensors

Monitoring the changes of relative humidity in the atmosphere is critical for automotive and industrial applications. Our humidity sensors combine 0.4°C temperature readings, 3% RH max humidity sensing and 100-nA max power consumption to provide high accuracy while keeping power consumption low.

Highest accuracy for the lowest power

Achieve high-accuracy without increasing power consumption with an automatic measurement mode enabling humidity sensing during system deep sleep.

  • Relative-humidity accuracy: 2%
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.2°C
  • Sleep-mode current: 50 nA

Best-in-class pollutant and contaminant protection

Protect your system with multiple package cover options to maintain accuracy in harsh environments.

  • Removable tape for conformal coating and PCB wash
  • Permanent IP67 filter for dust, debris and water

Smallest integrated single-chip solution

Reduce your system size with an integrated temperature and humidity sensor with an available programmable interrupt functionality.

  • Ultra-small DSBGA package (1.5 mm x 1.5 mm)
Industrial humidity sensors

Key industrial applications

  • Thermostats - HVAC systems are becoming increasingly more complex. The addition of humidity sensors to these systems allow for offices and homes to measure and adjust for a comfortable amount of humidity in the air.


  • IP network cameras - Wireless network security cameras can be placed in locations that may cause condensation formation on lenses or environmental covers. With the combination of a humidity and temperature sensor on a single IC, we have a solution that will predict the point at which condensation will occur.


  • Cellular module asset tracker - When developing cold chain networks, it is important to understand the environment(s) goods will enter before, during and after transit. Monitoring the humidity and temperature validates the environmental quality of perishable goods as they are transported to their final destinations.

Featured humidity sensors


Integrated humidity and temperature sensor with high-accuracy measurements with very low power consumption in a small DFN package


Low-power, high-accuracy digital humidity sensor with integrated temperature sensor in dust-resistant package


Low-power humidity and temperature digital sensor with protective cover

Technical resources

Use our BOOSTXL-BASSENSORS BoosterPack™ plug-in module to add digital sensors to your LaunchPad™ development kit and start developing humidity sensor applications

Humidity sensors are not standard ICs and therefore must not be exposed to particles or volatile chemicals such as solvents or other organic compounds

Learn earn how to use I2C to configure and read temperature and humidity from TI humidity sensors with Arduino