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Specialty sensors to solve unique system design challenges


Detect objects and measure distance by producing and monitoring ultrasonic echoes

  • Wide detection range
  • Single-chip solutions
  • Integrated sensor diagnostics

Ambient light sensors

Integrated low-power sensors with leading spectral response for an optimized visual experience

  • Cost optimized
  • Human eye response
  • Thinnest package
  • Automotive grade

Time-of-flight (ToF)

Time of flight technology operates by illuminating an area with modulated IR light and measuring the phase change of the reflected signal

  • Depth mapping
  • Distance detection down to individual pixels
  • Optical proximity and depth sensing

Capacitive touch sensing

MSP430™ capacitive touch sensing MCUs feature CapTIvate™ technology offering the lowest power capacitive touch solutions.

  • Enhanced interface
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Superior reliability

Signal conditioners

Integrated solutions for sensor signal conditioning and processing

  • Pressure
  • Resolver
  • LVDT
  • Fluxgate