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Specialty sensors to solve unique system design challenges

Explore our portfolio of specialty sensors that includes ultrasonic sensor AFEs, inductive sensor AFEs, ambient light sensors, time of flight sensors, sensor signal conditioners and capacitive touch sensing solutions featuring our CapTIvate™ technology.

Ultrasonic sensor AFEs

Detect objects and measure distance by producing and monitoring ultrasonic echoes

  • Wide detection range
  • Single-chip solutions
  • Integrated sensor diagnostics

Ambient light sensors

Integrated low-power sensors with leading spectral response for an optimized visual experience

  • Cost optimized
  • Human eye response
  • Thinnest package
  • Automotive grade

Time-of-flight (ToF)

Time of flight technology operates by illuminating an area with modulated IR light and measuring the phase change of the reflected signal

  • Depth mapping
  • Distance detection down to individual pixels
  • Optical proximity and depth sensing

Inductive sensor AFEs

Position detection of conductive targets with contactless magnet-free sensing.

  • Interactive touch buttons
  • Event counting
  • Metal proximity detection

Capacitive touch sensing

MSP430™ capacitive touch sensing MCUs feature CapTIvate™ technology offering the lowest power capacitive touch solutions.

  • Enhanced interface
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Superior reliability

Signal conditioners

Integrated solutions for sensor signal conditioning and processing

  • Pressure
  • Resolver
  • LVDT
  • Fluxgate