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The right precision op amp for your design

Our broad, innovative portfolio has been setting the standard for nearly 50 years

We offer the industry's broadest portfolio of precision op amps to fit a wide range of applications such as automotive, industrial, instrumentation and aerospace. Our devices are built using state-of-the-art proprietary technologies which enable µV offset, nV drift and ultra-low noise performance.

Low offset (≤500µV)

Improve DC accuracy with low offset and high-precision performance

Low noise (≤10nV/rtHz)

Achieve lower distortion and higher performance with ultra-low noise amplifiers

Low power (≤500µA)

Reduce system power without compromising performance


View our robust portfolio of AEC-Q100 qualified precision op amps

Wide bandwidth (≥5MHz)

Process and acquire faster signals with high AC performance

Small size (≤5mm2)

Shrink your design with space-saving IC and package options

Zero drift (<20nV/°C)

Maintain signal integrity with µV offset and nV drift performance

Find a precision op amp that best fits your design needs

Featured precision op amps


High-precision zero-drift amplifier (1 µV and 0.012 µV/C), with ultra-low input bias (135-pA max across temperature). This device also features flat 1/f noise (177 nVpp) and 8.5-nV/√Hz voltage noise.


High-precision (45 µV and 1 µV/C) op amp with exceptional gain bandwidth (1 MHz) to IQ (24 µA) ratio. This product also features RRIO and ultra-low bias current (0.8 pA).


Next generation of industry standard OPA2277 with improved precision (±15-µV offset, ±0.2-µV/C drift) and low noise (200-nV 1/f, 7.2-nV/√Hz broadband)

Featured precision op amp resources

Online classroom for analog engineers with more than 40 hands-on trainings and lab videos

Explore a comprehensive library of op amp sub-circuit ideas that you can easily adapt to meet your specific system needs - including a free e-book

E-book that puts commonly used analog formulas at your fingertips (registration required)

Featured tools


Evaluate design concepts and verify simulations for nearly any amplifier circuit in minutes with the universal do-it-yourself (DIY) amplifier circuit evaluation module (DIYAMP-EVM)

PSpice® for TI

PSpice for TI is a design and simulation tool that is available at no cost to allow you to quickly evaluate the functionality of analog circuits.

DIP Adapter

Speed up op amp prototyping and testing with our DIP Adapter evaluation module (DIP-ADAPTER-EVM), which provides a fast, easy and inexpensive way to interface with small, surface-mount integrated circuits (ICs)