Complete your audio solution

Specialty audio ICs to help solve unique system design challenges

Microphone Preamplifiers

Low-noise preamplifiers with analog or digitally-configurable gains to accommodate a wide range of microphone types and audio systems

Volume Control ICs

Digitally controlled volume attenuators with wide dynamic range and low distortion

Audio Switches

Seamlessly switch between audio sources with switches that feature low harmonic distortion, negative rail support capability, integrated keypress detect functionality and virtually no switching noise

PWM Modulators

High-performance pulse width modulators (PWM) with digital audio processing, providing seamless input signals for PWM-input Class-D power stages

Piezo Speaker Drivers/Receivers

High efficiency drivers with integrated boost converters for driving loud audible audio through ceramic/piezo speakers that also come in a small form factor and low-power shutdown modes suitable for battery powered applications

Audio Clocks

Integrated phase-locked loop (PLL) multi-clock generators enable very low-jitter performance needed for high-performance audio DACs and ADCs