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Standard chipsets – Applications

TI’s standard DLP chipsets can be used in a variety of display applications from the boardroom to the TV to the warehouse. TI is here to help you select a chipset and optical engine to best suit your specific application’s display requirements. 

Laser TV

What is laser TV?

A Laser TV is a portable short-throw projected TV with laser technology, producing an image comparable to flat panel displays. As flat panels get bigger, they get more expensive. Laser TVs provide a solution which can reach 100’’+. Laser TVs either require a bundled screen or a high brightness capable DLP chipset.


Why Standard Display DLP for laser TV?

DLP technology is optimized for laser and laser phosphor technology and allows for the brightness levels needed to build a laser TV without requiring to consumer to purchase a bundled screen. DLP Laser TV products deliver high brightness capabilities and sharp 4K UHD resolution.



  • Thermal capability to handle high brightness
  • Integrated 4K solution
  • High contrast with HDR
  • Supports any laser or LED light source
Chipset laser TV

Smart projector

What is a smart projector?

Smart Projectors are projectors featuring streaming video content. This growing market is driven by consumers who want an affordable, portable streaming platform. Smart projectors feature small long-throw projectors and are illuminated by LEDs to provide eye catching color.


Why DLP for smart projectors?

DLP provides chipsets which are optimized for LED light sources which enable up to 2.5klm solutions. The DLP controller can be easily integrated with smart front end systems to provide a streaming service platform.



  • Light source agnostic
  • High resolution
  • Display on any surface
  • Optical Engine Manufacturers 

Digital signage

What is digital signage?

Digital signage can communicate any message in a digital programmable format. Utilizing projection, this can vary from a small free-form display in a store to giant projection in a stadium, displaying on any surface.


Why DLP for digital signage?

DLP is an ideal solution for digital signage because it enables various display sizes, shapes and resolutions while also providing the most durable technology for an outdoor use case. DLP resolution are up to 4K UHD and DLP standard chipsets enable large, bright and free-form displays on virtually any surface. 



  • Free-form display on any surface
  • Supports any laser or LED light source
  • Thermal capability to handle high brightness
  • Reflective architecture steers light, heat and dust away
DLP digital signage

Enterprise projectors

What are enterprise projectors?

Enterprise projectors are the projectors which are used as classroom projectors and conference projectors. They provide communication in settings where flat panel becomes too big, cumbersome, and expensive. A high brightness enterprise projector still works when the lights are on.


Why DLP for enterprise projectors?

DLP has continued to enable brighter displays and higher resolution in this space for the last 20 years. DLP has invested in solid state illumination light sources (LED and Laser) to provide vivid images. The latest DLP technology enables easy set up for the businessman or educator with new 2D keystone.



  • Thermal capability to handle high brightness
  • Reflective architecture steers light, heat and dust away
  • Supports any laser or LED light source
  • Free-form display on any surface


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