Upgrade your optocouplers and maintain high reliability with an opto-emulator

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Opto-emulators are a pin-to-pin alternative to optocouplers, offering improved reliability and signal integrity for isolated systems across industrial applications. With opto-emulators, you get the best of both worlds: the simplicity of drop-in replacements with wider operating temperature ranges, higher common mode transient immunity and longer lifetimes.

DC input, logic output, single-channel high-speed opto-emulator

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Upgrade your optocouplers to opto-emulators


Pin-to-pin packages

Simplify your design-in process with a high-performing pin-to-pin alternative to existing optocouplers, available in industry-standard packages.


No aging effects

Eliminate the need to compensate for optocoupler aging. Because opto-emulators do not have aging effects or temperature variations to account for, the emulated diode input stage consumes less power.


Reliable isolation

Protect your design and signal integrity with isolation ratings as high as 3,750 VRMS, surge capability up to 10 kV and minimum common-mode transient immunity of ±85 kV/µs.