Synchronous and asynchronous memory storage

D-type flip-flops

Single-bit to 36-bit synchronous D-type storage registers.

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D-type latches

Single-bit to 36-bit asynchronous D-type storage registers.

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Shift registers

Serial-in, parallel-out and parallel-in, serial out synchronous storage registers.

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J-K flip-flops

Positive-edge and negative-edge triggered J-K flip flops.

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Other latches

Variety of latch functions including addressable and SR-type latches.

FIFO registers

Synchronous and asynchronous first-in, first-out memory.

What's new?

Introducing the HCS Family: a portfolio of logic designed for noise-sensitive, low-power and rugged applications 

The HCS family improves signal integrity with a 40% improvement in propagation delay and a 50% higher current drive compared to HC equivalent devices.

The HCS family is pin-to-pin, drop-in compatible with the HC logic family, making it easy to update your design and meet the demands of today’s applications.  





Automotive 2-V to 6V, 2-ch negative-edge-triggered D-type flip-flop with schmitt-trigger inputs


Automotive 2-V to 6V, 2-ch positive-edge-triggered D-type flip-flop with schmitt-trigger inputs

Logic FAQs: Solutions to common questions 

Our Logic FAQ guide will help you understand more about our Logic devices and provide solutions to a comprehensive list of common questions related to logic and translation devices.

Key topics include: 

  • Device functionality 
  • Input parameters
  • Output parameters
  • Power & thermals
  • Timing
  • Package & pinout 
  • Part numbers
  • Quality & support
  • Simulation models
Logic FAQ

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