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Step-up (boost) switching regulators

Efficient conversion of an input voltage to a higher output voltage

This extensive portfolio includes synchronous and non-synchronous devices that address applications ranging from milliamps up to 100A with efficiencies as high as 96%, and include key features such as wide voltage input operating range (Wide Vin), low quiescent current for extended battery life (Low Iq), and adjustable frequency with external synchronization to help manage switching noise.


Our low-power boost converters support your need for small solution size, low system cost, and high power density.

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We offer flexible synchronous and non-synchronous boost controllers to address higher power levels.

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3-A boost converter with 0.5-V ultra-low input voltage


85-VOUT boost converter with current mirror and sample and hold


2.2MHz wide VIN non-synchronous boost controller


Multiphase bidirectional current controller

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How to design boost , SEPIC and flyback regulators

This document explains how to implement boost, SEPIC and flyback regulators with boost power management ICs, and how to choose the right solution.

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