Step-up (boost) regulators

Efficient conversion of an input voltage to a higher output voltage

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Our extensive step-up regulator portfolio includes synchronous and nonsynchronous devices that address applications ranging from milliamps up to 100 A with efficiencies as high as 96%. Our products include key features such as low quiescent current (IQ) for extended battery life, high power density for small-size and spread-spectrum technology for low EMI. You can find boost, SEPIC and flyback solutions. 

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We offer flexible synchronous and nonsynchronous boost controllers to support higher power levels.


Our low-power boost converters support your need for small solution size, low system cost and high power density.


Our boost modules support small solution size, high power density and fast design.

Boost converters (integrated switch)

5-V, 1.85-A boost converter with power good, output discharge and PFM/PWM control

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.35

Boost controllers (external switch)

2.2-MHz wide-VIN, synchronous boost controller with output voltage tracking

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 1.593

Boost converters (integrated switch)

95-nA low IQ 5.5-V boost converter with input current limit and fast transient performance

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.99

Boost converters (integrated switch)

4.8-V, 4.5-A DC/DC boost converter with true bypass and 1.2-V I/O logic

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.462

Boost converters (integrated switch)

3.8-MHz, 5.25-V / 4-A boost converter in 1.2-mm x 1.3-mm WCSP

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.3

Boost converters (integrated switch)

5-V, 5-A boost converter with power good, output discharge and PFM/PWM control

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.45

Power trends

Power density

We know you need more power in a smaller form factor. Our boost regulators harness multiple leading power technologies for the most power dense, size-optimized and best thermal performance solutions. Our ultra-efficient controllers and integrated converters can help you meet any design goal.

Featured products for power density
TPS61178 ACTIVE 20-V, 10-A fully integrated sync boost with load disconnect
TPS81256 ACTIVE Integrated Power Solution, 3W High-Efficiency boost converter module in MicroSiP™ package
TPS61088 ACTIVE 10-A Fully-Integrated Synchronous Boost Converter

Mitigating boost regulator EMI is a major challenge for many power supply designs. Our devices and EMI mitigation designs are validated for required IEC and CISPR standards to minimize EMI, output ripple and audible noise when using a DC/DC switcher. Our industry-leading, dual, random spread-spectrum technology mitigates EMI by spreading energy in multiple bands of interest using two random frequency generators.

Technical article
Introduction to EMI: Standards, causes and mitigation techniques
Learn the fundamentals of  electromagnetic interference (EMI) and how to mitigate EMI with conventional and advanced techniques.
White paper
Time-Saving and Cost-Effective Innovations for EMI Reduction
As electronic systems become increasingly dense and interconnected, reducing the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) becomes an increasingly critical system design consideration.
Application note
EMI Reduction Technique, Dual Random Spread Spectrum (Rev. A)
Dual random spread spectrum (DRSS) uses a digital algorithm specifically designed to spread spectral emissions in multiple frequency bands, without trading off performance between them.
Featured products for low EMI
LM5156-Q1 ACTIVE 2.2-MHz wide VIN nonsynchronous boost, flyback, & SEPIC controller with dual random spread spectrum
TPS61379-Q1 ACTIVE 25µA quiescent current synchronous boost converter
LM5157-Q1 ACTIVE 6-A, 50-V, 2.2-MHz wide VIN boost, flyback, & SEPIC converter with dual random spread spectrum
Low quiescent current (IQ)

Your power design requires efficiency across the entire load range to extend battery life. Our low IQ boost devices minimize the amount of current draw out of the battery at ultra-light loads or even when the devices are not switching.

Application note
A Long-Lifetime, Cost-Competitive Solution in Smart Meters Based on the TPS61094 (Rev. A)
This application note provides a long-lifetime and cost-competitive power solution based on the TPS61094. The TPS61094 solution can increase operation time by 20%, reduce component count by 50% and decrease the total cost.
Technical article
3 benefits of using a low-IQ buck-boost converter to extend battery life in flow meters
This article describes an effective method to decouple peak loads from the battery, in the range of a few hundred milliamperes, that can help increase battery life.
Featured products for low quiescent current (IQ)
TPS61094 ACTIVE 60-nA quiescent current bi-directional buck/boost converter with bypass mode
LM5150-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 1.5-V to 42-V VIN, low IQ boost controller with 6.8V, 7.5V, 8.5V, 10.5V output options
LM5127-Q1 ACTIVE 42V wide-Vin triple buck and boost controller for automotive applications

Technical resources

White paper
White paper
How to design boost, SEPIC or flyback regulators with wide VIN power ICs
This document explains how to implement boost, SEPIC or flyback regulators with boost power management ICs and how to choose the right solution.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
Application note
Application note
Basic Calculation of a Boost Converter's Power Stage (Rev. D)
This application note gives the equations to calculate the power stage of a boost converter built with an IC with integrated switch and operating in continuous conduction mode.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
Application note
Application note
Schottky Diode Selection in Asynchronous Boost Converters
Learn how to select the right diode to acheive maximum efficiency and performance in your design.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF

Design & development resources

Design tool
WEBENCH® Power Designer
WEBENCH® Power Designer creates customized power-supply circuits based on your requirements. The environment gives you end-to-end power-supply design capabilities that save you time during all phases of the design process.
Simulation tool
PSpice® for TI design and simulation tool
PSpice® for TI is a design and simulation environment that helps evaluate functionality of analog circuits. This full-featured, design and simulation suite uses an analog analysis engine from Cadence®. Available at no cost, PSpice for TI includes one of the largest model libraries in the (...)
Design tool
Power Stage Designer™ software tool of most commonly used switchmode power supplies

Power Stage Designer is a JAVA-based tool that helps speed up power-supply designs as it calculates voltages and currents of 21 topologies based on user inputs. Additionally, Power Stage Designer contains a Bode plotting tool and a helpful toolbox with various functions to make power supply design (...)

Reference designs related to Step-up (boost) regulators

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