Series voltage references

Maintain accurate output voltages for your signal-chain application

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Our high-precision and low-noise series voltage references are stable across a wide temperature range. We also offer series voltage references with low-power consumption and small packages for battery-powered and space-constrained applications. Many of our series voltage references are AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications.

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High precision

Achieve stability across variable temperatures and voltages with low drift and high initial accuracy.

Low IQ

Minimize power consumption and extend battery life.

Small package

Use in space-constrained applications with micro-sized solutions.

Dual output

Reduce errors, cost and solution size with two outputs (VREF and VREF/2).


Leverage AEC-Q100-qualified series voltage references for automotive designs.

Reference designs related to Series voltage references

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.


650-nA quiescent current, 12-ppm/°C drift, ultra-low-power precision voltage reference

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 1.09


Automotive low-drift, low-power, series voltage reference

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 2.104

Power trends

Low quiescent current (IQ)

Minimize power consumption and extend battery life with low quiescent current (IQ) series references. Our broad portfolio of low-IQ series voltage references helps minimize power losses in all systems and obtain the most run time from battery-operated devices like blood glucose monitors, wireless headsets and pressure transmitters. Our small form-factor ICs help your applications achieve low standby power, while lowering system cost.

Featured products for low quiescent current (IQ)
REF3325 ACTIVE 2.5-V, 30-ppm/°C drift, 3.9-µA, 3-pin SOT-23, 3-pin SC70, 8-pin UQFN voltage reference
REF34-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, low-drift, low-power, small-footprint series voltage reference
REF3025 ACTIVE 2.5-V, 50-ppm/°C, 50-µA in 3-pin SOT-23 package series (bandgap) voltage reference
Low noise & precision

Achieve reliable stability for variable temperatures and voltages with high-precision series references. Our precision series voltage references offer best-in-class performance for many demanding industrial and automotive applications.

Featured products for low noise & precision
REF3425 ACTIVE 2.5-V, low-drift, low-power, small-footprint series voltage reference
REF5050 ACTIVE 5-V, 3-µVpp/V noise, 3-ppm/°C drift precision series voltage reference
REF70 ACTIVE Ultra-high-precision voltage reference with low noise and low drift

Technical resources

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Application note
Choosing the Right Voltage Reference for Your Automotive Application
Learn how to select the correct voltage reference for automotive applications requiring a precise data converter such as ADAS, body electronics and powertrain systems.
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Video series
Voltage Reference Overview for ADC
This video covers reference specifications to gain a deeper understanding of how the voltage reference impacts the performance of the ADC system.
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Important Parameters of a Voltage Reference
This video will review the most important parameters in a VREF and go over how to interpret each of these parameters in a system.