PurePath™ Wireless 2.4 GHz for wireless digital audio streaming supporting up to 3 channels with USB


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Frequency 2400 MHz Standard PurePath Wireless Audio Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 85 Rating Catalog Transmission principle GFSK, MSK open-in-new Find other Other wireless technologies

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VQFN (RHA) 40 36 mm² 6 x 6 open-in-new Find other Other wireless technologies


  • Built-in Audio Protoco
    • CD-Quality Uncompressed Audio
    • Excellent Robustness and Co-Existence Through Multiple Techniques
      • Adaptive Frequency Hopping
      • Forward ErrorCorrection
      • Buffering and Retransmission
      • Error Concealment
      • Optional High Quality Audio Compression
    • No Software Development Needed When Used in Autonomous Mode
  • External System
    • Can be Used Autonomously, or can be Controlled by an
      External Host MCU for Greatest Flexibility
    • Seamless Connection and Control of External Audio Codecs, DACs/ADCs and Digital Audio Amplifiers
      Using I2S and I2C
    • HID Functions Like Power Control, Pairing, Volume Control,
      Audio Channel Selection eand so on. Can be Mapped to I/Os
    • RoHS Compliant 6 mm x 6 mm QFN-40 Package
  • RF Section
    • 5 or 2 Mbps Over-the-Air Data Rate
    • Bandwidth-Efficient Modulation Format
    • Excellent Link budget with Programmable Output Power
      up to +3.5 dBm and –83 or –86 dBm Sensitivity
    • Seamless Support for CC2590 Range Extender (+11 dBm Output Power,
      –87 dBm Sensitivity)
    • Suited for Systems Targeting Compliance with Worldwide
      Radio Frequency Regulations: ETSI EN 300 328 and EN 300 440 class 2
      (Europe)FCC CFR47 Part 15 (US) and ARIB STD-T66 (Japan)
  • Digital Audio Support
    • Digital I2S Audio Interface Supports 1 or 2
      Audio Channels for the CC8520 and 1 to 4 Audio Channels for
      the CC8530 at Sample Rates of 32, 40.275, 44.1 and 48 kHz, and Supports 16 and 24 bit Word-Widths
    • Digital I2S Audio Interface Supports 1 or 2 Audio Channels
      for the CC8520 and 1 to 4 Audio Channels for the CC8530 at Sample Rates
      of 32, 40.275, 44.1 and 48 kHz, and Supports 16 and 24 bit Word-Widths
    • Audio Latency Down to 10.7 ms
    • Data Side-Channel Allows Data to be Sent Alongside the Audio
      Between External Host Processors
  • USB
    • Full-Speed USB Audio Device
    • USB Basic Audio Device Class: HT1, HS1 and MT topologies
      (Headphone, Headset and Microphone)
    • USB Audio Device Class
    • Basic USB HID Device Class Support for Remote Control, Mouse
      and Keyboard Functionality
    • Autonomous Operation Only
  • Development Tools
    • PC-Based PurePath™ Wireless Configurator for CC85xx Configuration
    • CC85xx Family User Guide
    • CC85XXDK Audio Development Kit
    • CC85XXDK-HEADSET Development Kit
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The PurePath™ Wireless platform is a cost-effective and low-power solution optimized for wireless transmission of high-quality digital audio.

The CC85xx includes a robust built-in wireless audio transmission protocol and can control selected external audio devices. Utilizing numerous coexistence mechanisms allows the CC85xx to avoid interfering with, or being interfered by other 2.4 GHz radio systems.

The CC85xx operates autonomously, and can be used with or without an external MCU. An external host processor can be connected through SPI and control some aspects of its operation. The CC85xx interfaces easily with other TI audio ICs and DSPs (using I2S and DSP/TDM interfaces). More details can be found in the CC85xx Family User Guide.

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* Data sheet 2.4 GHz RF SoC For Wireless Digital Audio Streaming datasheet (Rev. F) Jul. 02, 2012
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Technical article An out-of-the-box Internet of Things: building a seamless and secure smart home network Jun. 12, 2018
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User guide CC85xx Family User Guide (Rev. M) Dec. 16, 2016
Application note Adaptive Frequency Hopping and Other Co-Existence Mechanisms for CC85xx Jul. 16, 2015
Application note 2.4 GHz Bi-directional Audio Streaming with Karaoke for DVDs and Set Top Boxes Nov. 07, 2013
Application note AN081 -- Johanson Technology Balun Optimized for CC253X, CC254X, CC257X, CC853X (Rev. B) Nov. 06, 2012
Application note DN120 -- CC85XX External Host Interface: Eamples and Library (Rev. A) Aug. 07, 2012
Application note AN107 - Murata Balun for CC253x and CC254x, LFB182G45BG2D280 (Rev. A) Oct. 26, 2011

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Software development

PurePath™ Wireless configurator
PUREPATH-WL-CFG CC85XX devices are delivered unprogrammed from TI and need to be programmed with firmware to run in a customer application. Different firmware is needed depending parameters such as network and application role (audio transmitter, audio receiver etc), how audio is streamed, and application circuit (...)
PurePath™ Wireless commander
PUREPATH-WL-CMD The PurePath Wireless Commander is a graphical PC tool which work with PurePath Wireless Audio IC’s and is designed to perform the following tasks:


Production Test Functionality

The production test functionality can be used for mass production tests controlled from a PC environment. The following tests (...)

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