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SIMPLE SWITCHER®, 36V 2.5A Synchronous Step-Down Converter


Design kits & evaluation modules (2)

Name Part# Type
LMR23625C Wide Vin Synchronous Step-Down Converter Evaluation Module LMR23625CEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
LMR23625CFPDDR Wide Vin Synchronous Step-down Converter Evaluation Module LMR23625CFPEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards

Reference designs

USB Car Charger with 2MHz Buck Converter, Cable Compensation and Battery Protection Reference Design

The PMP40040 reference design is a single channel USB charger for automotive applications. It includes a high switching frequency buck converter which can minimize the size of power components and reduce the system's cost. It includes built-in short-to-battery protection, IEC ESD protection features (...)

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Part Number
  Min   Max Range
Vin  V
Vout  V
Iout  A
Ambient Temp  °C -40 to 150°C